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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Not really excited by any of the day's education news?  Take a peek at stories and features that came in over the weekend, when I can't seem to stop looking for good items to share with you:

Scott Walker Joins the Common Core Wars | Mother Jones http://ht.ly/tbyhK  @timothypmurphy #CCSS

Why Some Teachers May Question ‘New’ Education Trends | MindShift http://ht.ly/tbfqp  @mindshiftKQED

Coming soon: The Nation review of Ravitch book by Joseph Featherstone http://ht.ly/tbxFh 

Friday's Story Corps was about a bullied kid who killed himself and his dad's efforts to raise awareness since then http://ht.ly/tbvQp 

Rich people, social policy, and very bad ideas - @mattyglesias http://ht.ly/tbEHS 

The influence of union membership on political participation and social capital - Harvard Shorenstein Center http://ht.ly/tbyLO 

BASIS charter network is opening up a school in Brooklyn -- as a for-profit private school [like Avenues] http://ht.ly/tbuR6 

Pete Seeger got blacklisted for his beliefs http://ht.ly/tbyAE  Has anyone in education - Ravitch at Columbia, for example?

Confessions of a TSA Agent - Politico http://ht.ly/tbxrN  If only a school security guard would do the same, right?

Why League Tables [School Rankings] Are Good For Students - Forbes @nsdmorrison http://ht.ly/tbcZB 

Someone redo Buzzefeed's viral "What Type Of Parent Are You" post http://ht.ly/tbuWH  for teachers, please?

Dreaming Big in South Carolina: A Public Boarding School for the Arts -@jamesfallows - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/taMx9 

There was also some fun back and forth on Friday about which SuperBowl district was more reformy than the other -- Denver with all its unified enrollment programs or Seattle with its new charters.  Check all that out via #schoolperbowl14 (perhaps the worst hashtag ever).

Weekend Reading: While You Were Off Having A Life

WeekendtodolistquinnanyaflickrI know it's sort of a pain but you should really also be following me on Twitter (@alexanderrusso) and Facebook. Just in case you haven't gotten to that yet, here are some of the best things from over the weekend:

We Didn’t Eat the Marshmallow. The Marshmallow Ate Us. - http://ht.ly/suw96  @paultough

Deep pockets push $250M NY education tax credit | Journal News http://ht.ly/svfvc  @davidmckay415 [Deep pockets will oppose it, too.]

This Year’s Best [Accountability] Reporting on Education - ProPublica @mariancw http://ht.ly/svdnX  [Anything missing?]

Weingarten on Education in '14, Panel on Web, Teachers (Audio) @bloombergradio http://ht.ly/suwX8  @janewilliams @susaw

How College Pricing Is Like Holiday Retail Sales - ProPublica http://ht.ly/svdbg  “carefully engineered illusion" ... “retail theater.”

The Latest Language-Learning Trend for NYC Kids: Coding -- New York Magazine http://ht.ly/suxgA 

No books, no clue at "city’s worst school" | New York Post http://ht.ly/svJYP 

Also: Thanks to everyone who told me that my "From Jay Mathews" tweets -- my long-running effort to make sure his stuff makes it into social media -- had been flipped with Valerie Strauss's posts.  I'm working on getting the feeds sorted out.

Image via Flickr.

Weekend Reading: Good Reads You Might Have Missed

Here's what I tweeted out over the weekend, including stories from sites and outlets I don't usually check during the week:

Education plus flickrSome Chicago commenters not buying Michelle Obama's story about how she was underestimated at Whitney Young HS http://ht.ly/qSnJh 

No mention of EdSec Duncan in this Politico piece about tight White House control over Cabinet members http://ht.ly/qSoHm 

10 Examples of "Common Core Blarney" from @shermandorn http://ht.ly/qTdwF  #ccss

Bridgeport Schools's Paul Vallas Discusses Tenure (Audio) @bloombergradio http://ht.ly/qUrTj 

Scathing GAO report on poor oversight of DC's school voucher program http://wapo.st/178R67H  echoes this 2012 story http://wapo.st/U7aCLg 

Developing countries and MOOCs: Online education could hurt national systems. http://ht.ly/qUBSY 

ICYMI: How Big Data Is Changing Science (and Society) http://ht.ly/qUtaH 

Should [Hospital] Ratings Be Embraced or Despised? http://ht.ly/qUt6A  Pacific Standard - Relevant for college and K12 school ratings

Why We Prefer Smaller Rewards Today Over Larger Rewards Tomorrow http://ht.ly/qUt1s  #eatthemarshmallowsnow!

TEDYouth Talks Ignite Curiosity | MindShift http://ht.ly/qUsy3  @mindshiftKQED

Checklist: Are You Ready for iPads In Your School? | MindShift http://ht.ly/qUstL  @mindshiftKQED

Weekend Reading: Best Stuff From The Long Weekend

Here are some of the best long articles and blog posts from over the weekend, when you were doing something else:

Only AL CA ID IO MT NE NH ND TX VT "have no formal policy" on test-based TVAL,says @NCTQ via Economist http://ht.ly/qEYTp 

Questions about coverage of bullying, teen suicide, & the simplistic links made between the two - On The Media http://ht.ly/qFyPL 

Eleven Months After Sandy Hook, Incalculable Grief and an Influx of Sympathy and Money - NY Nag http://ht.ly/qG0aT 

SimCityEDU: A Video Game That Tests Kids While Killing The Bubble Test | Fast Company | Business + Innovation http://ht.ly/qI91y 

The Democratic Education of Unschoolers - Politics - Utne Reader http://ht.ly/qG0wL 

Being a military kid is 'really hard,' but it's also full of opportunity | PBS NewsHour http://ht.ly/qHp2J 

How we got to the Common Application - NYT http://ht.ly/qEYnq  "From an eight-page form and a photograph to the Common App."

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Weekend Reading: Good Reads You Might Have Missed

I'm a sucker for insider accounts by folks who aren't entirely comfortable with what they've been doing, so you can guess that my favorite story from the weekend was the McSweeny's pice written by a test prep tutor (bold below).  What was yours?

Birth order and school performance: First-borns do better in school because parents discipline them more.ht.ly/qrVAQ

The evolution of backpack cool over the ages, from one strapping to two ht.ly/qrV7y Slate via @ForrestW

Minerva Strives for Affordable Elitism - NYT ht.ly/qs1Hd

One million kids signed up for the Hour of Code. Let the geeking out commence | PandoDaily ht.ly/qrXvI

Why Bill de Blasio’s Promise May Also Be His Problem -- New York Magazine ht.ly/qrXaF

Progressives should follow the Tea Party - Salon.comht.ly/qrX6B 

Ruminations from the Test-Prep Industry - Part 2 @mcsweeneys ht.ly/qrWsQ

Let the Games Begin: Students and Teachers Dive Into  SimCityEDU ht.ly/qrVU2 @MindShiftKQED

Bob Putnam, Jane Quinn, Tony Smith on Opportunity Gap (Audio) @BloombergRadio  ht.ly/qrVOv

Breaking Bad: What To Do When Good Lesson Plans Go Wrong ht.ly/qrVKF @BAMRadioNetwork

Cool and childhood: How cool evolves from grade school to high school to adulthood. ht.ly/qrVGu

Weekend Reading: Stuff You Might Have Missed

Over the weekend I try and check out magazines and other long-form sites for education-related coverage that I don't get to during the week and share them via Twitter.  Here are some of the best from this past weekend:

NYT: Creating a TV show to persuade young women to become hackers http://ht.ly/qdsdq 

PolitiFact rates "mostly false" Ravitch's claim that test scores have gone down since NCLB http://ht.ly/qdjSk 

Longform podcast interview with Malcolm "Anti-Small Class" Gladwell http://ht.ly/qdrW7 

Steubenville HS Staffers Outraged at Treatment of Indicted IT Director - The Atlantic Wire http://ht.ly/qcqHm 

Leonarda and the School Bus: France's Roma Fight : The New Yorker ht.ly/qdVA5

CSNY, Arcade Fire Unplug At 27th Annual Bridge School Benefit | Rolling Stone ht.ly/qdVLb

Report: American Education Isn't Mediocre—It's Deeply Unequal - Julia Ryan - The Atlantic ht.ly/qdOo4

Is Facebook Safe for Kids? In 2004, the online...ht.ly/qdN5W

The Macroeconomics 101 of Cheating http://ht.ly/qcvEA 

Rolling Out an iPad Pilot Program, With Eyes Wide Open | MindShift ht.ly/qdMLO

Barnard’s Spar, Ann Tisch on Schools for Women, Girls (Audio) ht.ly/qdMDU

Is Ethical Parenting Possible? -- New York Magazineht.ly/qdJHo Just ask your children.

Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab at UofC creates alt reality game for at risk youth http://ht.ly/qdhVv  #edtech @gtoppo

Five Top Tweets: Florida Drops PARCC, Teacher Quits TFA

Gov. Rick Scott calls for Florida to drop out of PARCC http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/gov-rick-scott-calls-for-florida-to-drop-out-of-parcc/2143392 … via @TB_Times via Joy Resmovits

Rep. Jared Polis doesn’t want you to know he thinks Diane Ravitch is evil | Twitchy http://ht.ly/p84nl 

I Quit Teach for America - Olivia Blanchard - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/p7PhN 

Do American public schools really stink? Maybe not http://ht.ly/p6CvS  Politico's @StephanieSimon_ debunks reform myths (or not).

The missing half of school reform - Education - @AEIeducation http://ht.ly/p8DvI  @rhess99

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Five Best Blogs: Lots More Full-Time Security Than 15 Years Ago


Chance a U.S. public school had full-time security in 1997: 1 in 17 (Oct ’13, 1 of 2) #HarpersIndex harp.rs/1rs9c9p

Right-Wing Ideologues Not American Education's Biggest Problem @TheAtlanticEDU http://ht.ly/oWL9H 

Chicago to build school on a potentially toxic site huff.to/1emqCE6

Queens Bees & Wannabes author talks about her new boy-centered book, Masterminds and Wingman ht.ly/oXBfI

Watch livestream and see videotape of NYT Schools for Tomorrow Conference going on http://ht.ly/oX0Hy 

As rain abates, Colorado's flood-drenched schools scramble to restart - The Denver Post http://ht.ly/oX07G 

Mixed results when media companies (Disney, Bloomberg, AMC) launch education efforts. - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/oXtEm  

Being poor changes your thinking about everythinght.ly/oXGEa

Will Smith's Son Urges Kids to Drop Out of School http://ht.ly/oWYEY 

Weekend Reading: Good Stuff You (Might Have) Missed

Articles and commentary I came across over the weekend and posted via Twitter, in strict order of importance:

Grungy-social-media-icons-297x300D.C. school reform’s surprising champion - The Washington Post http://ow.ly/nALgP 

Education Secretary Arne Duncan teams with Jeremy Lin and others for a game truly worth winning - The Washington Post ow.ly/nCCgR

Former @USDE assistant secty Thelma Melendez might be new LA Mayor's education deputy, says@laschoolreport http://ow.ly/nBwVc 

Only about 5 of @sirsargent's 18 edreform items seem partic witty/accurate to me http://ow.ly/nALIW  [2,7,11,13,17] @gothamschools

How Vast Error-Prone Databases Are Trashing Our [Education?] Lives ow.ly/nC8fe#bigdata/baddata

Two Philly high schools merge -- or is it just their football teams? NYT Magazine ow.ly/nCbck

Higher Education Has Bigger Problems Than Student Loans via @feedly ow.ly/nC7Nt

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Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

Longer stories and items I came across over the weekend:

What Real Collaboration Between Teachers and Techies Looks Like | EdSurge News ow.ly/mYlRu

Doctor/Professor - harvardedcast.libsyn.com/doctor-profess… via @_feedspot

"TFA isn’t going away anytime soon, so work with us to make the organization better." -@jgfong http://ow.ly/mWeJ4  #FMFP2013

MOOC for Philanthropy ow.ly/mWWcO PHILANTHROPY 2173

Why Black Colleges Might Sue the Obama Administration | New Republic ow.ly/mWPh8 [calling Daren Briscoe!?]

Follow debate over #TFA this weekend at via #FMFP2013@jgfong

Welcome Antidote to Billionaire Boys' Club Movies @truthout ow.ly/mWMzL

House Evades Food Stamp Renewal - In These Timesow.ly/mWObg [you'd think everyone would be working on this, but no.]

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Weekend Reading: Is EdTech Worth It?

You should really be working all weekend (and following me on Twitter @alexanderrusso) but just in case you've got better things to do here are some stories from Friday-Sunday you might find useful to know about:

Is It Worthy? How to Judge the Value of a Tech Product | MindShift ow.ly/mij2e

The gay rights movement’s key advantage over the abortion rights movement Salon.com ow.ly/miiWp

Standardized admission testing reshaped elite | The Tennessean | tennessean.com ow.ly/miiU5

@RelayGSE Dean Mayme Hostetter talks #TeacherPrep @AmRadioWorksow.ly/mibyI

America's Elite Toddlers Face New Obstacles to Preschool Admission ow.ly/1XUzOX

"We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat." ow.ly/mj9LP

Monsters University reviewed. - Slate Magazineow.ly/mii5a ["Not a safety school, but not a reach either."]

Audio: Experts on Medical Education, Teacher Training Programs (Audio) @bloomburgEDU ow.ly/mi4JL


Weekend Reading: Can Hillary Save Universal Preschool?

Hillary gives early childhood agenda what it needs: A public boost. | New Republic ow.ly/m4mV8

Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers -Salon.com ow.ly/m4krN

Do Schools Know How to Spend Their Ed Tech Money Wisely? | MindShift ow.ly/m4kbz @MindShift

How online tools may change classrooms today and forever. ow.ly/m4k74

After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet - Washington Post ow.ly/m4kMt

Uh-oh! Inspirational Text Messages Won’t Improve Teens’ Grades, according to Roland Fryer studyow.ly/m4jGY @getschooled

Sir Ken Robinson, Teachers on Creativity in Schools (Audio) ow.ly/m4k8k

Big data is not our master -TNR ow.ly/m4mYl

Trying to make separate equal | Feature | Chicago Reader ow.ly/m5hNB

From Jay Mathews: School ignores advice from learning disability experts: Stacie Brockman is the Prince George... bit.ly/13RA8qe

Did Ritalin Make Kids in Quebec Dumber? | New Republic ow.ly/m4mGH

My little future iPad addicts - Salon.com ow.ly/m4m7QWhy am I still insisting on rules?

11-year-old mariachi earns roaring ovation from NBA crowd - Salon.com ow.ly/m4ktI

Student Athlete Named ‘Creepy Smile Kid’ in High School Yearbook | TIME.com ow.ly/m4WBM

Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

NCLB Bills: A Side-By-Side Comparison - Politics K-12 - Education Week ow.ly/lQmUy

Slim chances for new version of No Child Left Behind | HechingerEd Blog ow.ly/lOZ5r @s_garl

"This Is Morally Wrong": Watch Elizabeth Warren on GOP and Student Loans | Mother Jones ow.ly/lQcKM

Power to the Preschoolers ow.ly/1XfcSr

How Adaptive Learning is Transforming Education - TIME ow.ly/lQm2k @kaylawebley

Where Unions Went Wrong on ‘Right to Work’ - In These Times ow.ly/lQcKy

Six Big Tech Trends | MindShift ow.ly/lQcOd mobile learning, open content, cloud computing, and yes -- 3D printers.

From Jay Mathews: How to survive our education battles: The latest fashions in the American education system a... bit.ly/18i6f8Z

SATs have nothing on China’s dreaded gaokao exam -Salon.com ow.ly/lQokG

13-year old with IQ higher than Einstein is also refreshingly modest - Salon.com ow.ly/lQofK

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - NYTow.ly/lQcHf #17 Terrifying playgrounds

Media: Salon Writer Shakes Angry Fist At Reform

image from farm3.staticflickr.comReform critics are swooning over David Sirota's latest Salon.com missive (New data shows school “reformers” are full of it) for understandable reasons.  It's main thesis is as follows: "Poor schools underperform largely because of economic forces, not because teachers have it too easy." (And it includes lots of links, and no small amount of outrage.)

But is there anything useful and good in what Sirota is saying?  I'm not so sure. No doubt, poverty has an enormous effect on kids' lives and often on their academic achievement. No doubt, there's lots that could be done to make the system more fair (get rid of local school districts, eliminate "salary averaging"). And as you've read here several times recently, child poverty has been on the rise (as has the number of high-poverty public schools).

But nobody credible that I know of is suggesting that poverty isn't a major factor, or that most teachers aren't doing everything they can / know how to do to make things work for poor kids.  Citing Joanne Barkan, as Sirota does repeatedly, isn't particularly persuasive to me at least. Blaming education reform for worsening the achievement gap?  I'm not buying it.  

Is there anyone out there writing about poverty, race, and inequality in ways that seem a little less heated and perhaps more credible?  Tanehisi Coates at Atlantic.com comes to mind.

Previous posts: Power Couples: Emily & David Sirota; What MSNBC's O'Donnell Gets Wrong About Denver; The Myth Of The All-Powerful Billionaires. Image via Flickr Hey Rocker

Weekend Reading: Charter Supporters Eye Boston Mayor's Race

Here are some of the tweets I sent out over the weekend, when I look at longform sites, magazines, and generally try and share everything good that I missed during the week:

Schools Are Not Cool - NYTimes.com ow.ly/lDfZ9 @smosle

Charter School Advocates Eye Investment In Mayor’s Race | WBUR ow.ly/lAQx7 via @DFER_News

How family income may cause disparities in school achievement, and what to do about it. ow.ly/lCUtF @AmRadioWorks

Sir Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education’s Death Valley | MindShift ow.ly/lCSSZ

Vicki Phillips and Randi Weingarten Share Common Ground (Audio) @bloomburgEDU ow.ly/lCXdZ

Poverty Flees to Highland Park (Detroit), Carol Stream (Chicago), and Forest Park (Atlanta) | Mother Jones ow.ly/lCX2x

From Jay Mathews: How a special-education student found success: Seven years ago, when I first wrote about Pau... bit.ly/14nFngm

King unveils long-awaited evaluation systems for city educators | GothamSchools ow.ly/lD0UV

Cartoon: "It's an intern-eat-intern world out there!" ow.ly/lD0fa

33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh ow.ly/lDgkmBuzzfeed via @gothamschools

Samuel Beckett Used to Drive Andre the Giant to School | Geekosystem ow.ly/lCZLk

FL Girl Expelled From High School and Charged Over Lesbian Relationship #OPJustice4Kaitlyn, Mother Jones ow.ly/lCVZL

Weekend Reading: Online Tablets Projects Oh My

Here are some interesting items from over the weekend and long-form sites and magazines I don't get to during the week:

New Dade Cty teachers union boss Fedrick Ingram rose from poverty to president MiamiHerald ow.ly/lbzVr via @RoxannaElden

College Is Going Online, Whether We Like It Or Not - Zachary Karabell - The Atlantic ow.ly/la4ee

"One day, you will see [grad] speakers ditch the podium & go straight for the telemarketer ear piece and microphone" ow.ly/la4kD

Lyndon Baty and the Robot That Saved Him - - Dallas Observer ow.ly/l9xyX A sick boy and his robot sidekick keep beating the odds.

Can Venture Capital Deliver on the Promise of the Public University? n+1 ow.ly/lbmil

Educators Discuss the Use of Tablets in K-12 Education (Audio) ow.ly/lbm9T

Beware Batch Processing Of Kids: Ed Tech Expert - Education - Online ow.ly/lbm8d

How classroom teachers may be able to combat the impact of stereotype threat @AmRadioWorks ow.ly/lbmve

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Weekend Reading: Rhode Island Supe Gets Real On Testing

Over the weekend, I check magazines and other long-form sites and sometimes there are good things that come through:

image from farm4.staticflickr.comOur schools and the truth about testing ow.ly/kULvD Deborah Gist

Feds Want More Details from CA Waiver Application goo.gl/YpSVj [includeds CORE explainer re peer review comments] @PoliticsK12

From Jay Mathews: A powerful term in U.S. high schools: DBQ: You may not know what a DBQ is. For most of my li... bit.ly/160GZTE

The Death of “Freedom”: Last Days of a Dying School | Emmanuel Felton | @ProjWordsworth ow.ly/kUvmP

Los Angeles Teachers Battle Against School Breakfast Program ow.ly/kUFBG @TakePart @vanromo

Study: Math Skills at Age 7 Predict How Much Money You'll Make - Lindsay Abrams - The Atlantic ow.ly/kW4SC

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Media: Two Great Education Writers You May Not Know About

ScreenHunter_01 May. 09 13.22Two of my favorite education writers right now write a lot about education but you may not know their names because they don't usually have bylines. Karin Klein of the LA Times (right) and Kate Grossman (@kategrossman1) of the Chicago Sun-Times  (left) are editorial page writers whose work often comes out in the form of unsigned editorial page positions. 

What do I like so much about their work? They take nuanced, sometimes unexpected positions on the issues.  There's not much extremism in their views (and they don't spend much time addressing extreme elements and positions that get so much coverage elsewhere). They write in plain English for a general audience that may or may not care about education in a day to day way.  They're not trying to grab attention.

This is the smart middle ground that is so hard to find online these days -- even in traditional news coverage of education events.  It's reasonable, reasoned writing that neither conveys nor quotes extreme views, focuses on immediate events rather than speculation, and is basically pragmatic. The focus is simple: What's the current situation, best as we know it, what are the viable options, and realistic outcomes?

In the past, there would be more of this kind of education writing in the news section and wire services also.  (Used to be that AP education coverage was so frequent and so "down the middle" that it was sometimes hard to read. But it served as a useful reality check when political opponents and pundits were saying the sky was falling or that they'd discovered the next big thing.)

But the AP education team has been turned over and decimated for the past few years. Reuters' education coverage has been fascinating to follow but has seemed hyperbolic rather than steady since the arrival of Stephanie Simon. The Washington Post's coverage skews local rather than national.  The Huffington Post's Joy Resmovits still does great work but is clearly under pressure to attract attention as much as to provide steady, reliable coverage.  PBS's John Merrow seems more and more of a commentator than a moderating voice of late.  

I don't always agree with Klein or Grossman. And being in the middle isn't glamorous or appealing when the next-door blogger can put out ten posts and generate scads of attention during the time it takes to write a careful editorial. But I, for one, am very glad they're out there right now. That steady, thoughtful voice, without any obvious self-interest or desire to advance a particular cause or outcome, is refreshing.  Maybe there are others?

Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

Every weekend I search far and wide for interesting, off-beat, longer pieces on or about education issues, and tweet them out.  Then, each Monday, I gather and post them here for you:

NYT's @smosle proposes a deal between class size and teacher quality hawks -- any takers? ow.ly/kIjcE

Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s Start-Up Machine -NYTimes.com ow.ly/kI1yY

Bringing Finland to Texas seems like a distant dream now, but who knows? A lot can happen in ten years. Texas Monthly ow.ly/kIPsc

Online review culture (Yelp for Schools!) -- is it helping or hurting? The Wilson Quarterly via A&L Daily ow.ly/kIQKp

Feeding the Paranoid Right [and Left] - The American Prospect ow.ly/kIQcz

From Jay Mathews: Did D.C. schools cheat? Ask the students.: Dear D.C. parents and grandparents: Want to uncov... bit.ly/13fgDZm

In one Oregon family of teachers, pension reform comes close to home | OregonLive.com ow.ly/kIhk2

BloombergEDU: Charbonneau on Teacher of the Year, Lyles on Columbine (Audio) ow.ly/kIP3l

How to talk to teens about sexting and Steubenville-like cases. - Slate Magazine ow.ly/kIPRy

College Without High School, a teenagers’ guide to skipping high school and going to college via Utne Reader ow.ly/kIRdm

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Weekend Reading: Stuff You Missed (Or Wish You Had)

Here are some posts I came across over the weekend you might have missed: 

Teenage sleep patterns: Why school should start later. - Slate Magazine ow.ly/kvsC7

Dan Koretz, Reporters Roundtable on High Stakes Testing (Audio) ow.ly/kvs1t

No Rich Child Left Behind - NYTimes.com ow.ly/kvkhP

"President Obama has a big problem in his second term in terms of education policy: his first term." ow.ly/kvikx

Predictions of the end of the reform era remind me of Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring ow.ly/kt541

Can Co-ops Save Unions? - In These Times ow.ly/kvsyS

Michelle Rhee Discusses Possible Test Score Tampering (Audio) ow.ly/kvs3x

Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic | The Economist ow.ly/kvFiB Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time

Paying for a special-needs child - Apr. 22, 2013 ow.ly/kvsAC


Weekend Reading: Best Articles & Sites You Might Have Missed

Were Dzhokhar and Tamerlan like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris? - Slate Magazine ow.ly/kg1CF

Exams Aren't the Enemy: How Tests Can Help Low-Income Students - @TalmadgeNardi - The Atlantic ow.ly/kfmbI

Videotaped evaluation of teachers nationwide? That'll be $5B, says @anya1anya in Forbes ow.ly/kg0jp

UPenn's Andy Porter: we don't really know if there's more or less cheating going on - American public media bit.ly/ZG5cpe

"Right now, states like New York and Illinois are in a period of education policy idealism..." says @DanaGoldstein ow.ly/kfUyB ??

Eli Broad has given $25K to UTLA-endorsed mayoral candidate SuperPAC: ethics.lacity.org/PDF/Election/2…via @hillelaron @LASchoolReport

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Weekend Reading: Will Teachers Kill Blended Learning?

Tweets from over the weekend you might have missed:

What's new/old in Merrow's "missing memo" story - by @Joy_Resmovits ow.ly/k23Oi

Anti-Cheating Efforts Lag, but Simple Fixes Exist -WSJ.com ow.ly/k23oL

Will Teachers Unions Kill Virtual Learning? Slate Magazine ow.ly/k2kLb

Pay no attention to Stockton's bankruptcy and the teacher pension issues looming nationwide @Eia ow.ly/k1hPV

Audio: Governor Markell, Mayor Taveras on Learning Initiatives @BloombergEDU ow.ly/k2kgm

If Robots Will Run the World, What Should Students Learn? | @MindShift ow.ly/k2jEt

Audio: A new report recommends changing the way Pell Grants work @AmRadioWorks ow.ly/k2jBc

Smarick wishes he'd spent more time on teacher prep reform ow.ly/k2vpz But what about the daunting politics? @EducationNext

From Jay Mathews: Nation’s best high school may be closed: I have been ranking the most challenging schools in... bit.ly/17cPIgG

High-school rape culture in an age of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - Atlantic ow.ly/k2360

High school apologizes over “think like a Nazi” essay assignment - Salon.com ow.ly/k2lxG

Weekend Reading: Smart, Suspended, Racism - Discrimination?

There were some good things I came across over the weekend, checking magazines and sites I don't get to during the week (and things I missed along the way:

20K Smart, Poor Kids Are Applying to the Wrong Colleges- Slate Magazine ow.ly/j3jdF

Why do we suspend children from school? - Slate Magazine ow.ly/j3jbX

Nine High Schools, One Roof At the Stevenson Campus, - NYTimes.com ow.ly/j7FYx

From Jay Mathews: Ability grouping is back despite scholarly qualms: My elementary School in San Mateo, Calif.... bit.ly/Zk4S23

Sequester Forces Lottery Drawings To Kick Kids Out of Head Start  Programs ow.ly/1TDuYy @Jezebel [not sure if this is for real]

Is racism (and its offshoots like segregation) a product of public policy or a part of human nature? @tanehisiow.ly/j3pTR

Advocacy & Politics 101 for Teachers by @CALcharters & @LEE_National ow.ly/j3ot7

Discrimination Against Asians Admissions WBUR On Point bit.ly/1438Jp1 [Asian success kicks off Anglo debate about diversity]

Weekend Reading: Reform Superintendent Opposes Parent Trigger

Here are some of best stories and commentary I came across over the weekend:  

FLA superintendent Tony Bennett comes out against the parent trigger for some interesting reasons ow.ly/iGi9c

NM Could Become First State With Pre-School Funding Constitutionally Guaranteed ow.ly/1TqzFo [or maybe not, according to @edlawcenter]

Online education is sort of like recorded music -- not as good as live, but good enough Marginal Revolution ow.ly/iENRC

Big data enthusiast writes that People Against Big Ed Data Should Explain Why It's a Bad Idea @EricHorow ow.ly/iDhmc @EdSurge

Does 'Big Data' Mean the Demise of the Expert — And Intuition? ow.ly/iDRVX

Alberti, Hull, Teachers on Common Core State Standards (Audio) ow.ly/1ToUGr

From Jay Mathews: Arguing about school reforms that go nowhere: In the 1990s, Las Montanas High School (a fict... bit.ly/10s9Yt0

Labor’s Turnaround - In These Times ow.ly/iGmzg The AFL-CIO has a plan to save the movement. [incl Shanker anecdote]

oh, no -- they made the folks at "roosevelt middle school" change the marquee! ow.ly/iBLq6 @DianeRavitch

Weekend Reading: Sequester, UPK, Teachers Shooting Staff

What'd you miss over the weekend?  Not much -- a few sequester stories, some universal preschool back and forth, the weekly Bloomberg and American Public Radio podcasts, and -- my favorite -- news that a school worker in Texas was shot during (you guessed it) a post-Newtown gun training session for educators. 

See, the sequester is real: Duncan cancels Boston newcomer HS event sending Marco Davis instead @EDPressSec

Slate gives sequester shout-out for Impact Aid ow.ly/idKEM

China reportedly has set a goal of giving 70 percent of all children three years of prekindergarten education NYT ow.ly/igB0R

'GA and OK are held up as [preschool] models, but their programs show few gains."  WSJ.com ow.ly/iblKs @NewAmerica?

Sarah Carr, John Merrow, Andre Perry on New Orleans (Audio) ow.ly/igvNE @bloomburgEDU

American RadioWorks - Financial Ed and the Common Core ow.ly/igvt2 @AmRadioWorks

School worker shot during gun training class ow.ly/ic08V via @amandaripley Texas

Continue reading "Weekend Reading: Sequester, UPK, Teachers Shooting Staff" »

Weekend Reading: Why The School Bus Is Always Yellow

Here are some of the best things I found over the weekend -- commentary, news, long features, etc.  Take a look, enjoy, let me know what I missed:

NRA Is Grading Schools - The Atlantic Wire ow.ly/hYXju

Update on former LAUSD board member Caprice Young, now a VP at Texas' Arnold Foundation ow.ly/hYWj1

Firing Bad Teachers Has Surprisingly Meager Effects, says @KevinDrum ow.ly/i0jfl Commenters beg to disagree

Iowa SDE and USDA won't let Iowa city use free reduced lunch data for school integration plan, says @RickKahlenberg ow.ly/i0n4k

Bullying's "bystander problem" -- few take responsibility in large group situations ow.ly/i0mQd

A resurgence for arts education -- or a problem with neighborhood-based schools? @mattyglesias ow.ly/i0lbf

Founder of Wishbone writes about the power of finding kids' inspiration - @TakePart Beth Schmidt ow.ly/i0b39

How charters have forced many Chicago schools to close ow.ly/hZYCU [Despite being just 10 percent of enrollment?] @KenzoShibata

What Data Can't Do - The Browser ow.ly/hZlh8

Revamped GED Faces First Big Challenge - WSJ.comow.ly/hZfpS @lisafleisher

Why the School Bus Never Comes in Red or Green -NYTimes.com ow.ly/hYV2k

Weekend Reading: Turnarunds & Tirades

Here's a look at some of the best stuff that came through over the weekend -- or from weekly magazines and other sites I don't check during the week:

AP: School turnarounds prompt community backlash ow.ly/hnvI0 LA Superintendent Deasy calls failing schools "immoral"

Michelle Rhee Gets an Education - NYTimes.comow.ly/hmOHa

Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Early Education (Audio) ow.ly/hmOQ8

Dear Bill Gates: You Are Cooler Than Steve Jobs - Esquire ow.ly/hndLv

Holding Education Hostage by Diane Ravitch | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books ow.ly/hmQm8

Do Unions Have a Shot in the 21st Century? -NYTimes.com ow.ly/hmOJt

From Jay Mathews: Why much-praised KIPP D.C. expels kids: Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin, founders of the KIPP ch... bit.ly/TvHb6P

Land's End Founder's Attempt to Save a Chicago Neighborhood | Chicago Magazine via The Billfold ow.ly/hnTsu

Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea [Udacity] For The Future Of College | The Awl ow.ly/hnTnB

Rocketship’s cofounder departing for online learning startup | EdSource Today ow.ly/hovUs

Update: New Year's Blogging Resolutions

As the new year ramps up, I thought I'd share some half-baked blogging and writing resolutions with you in the hopes that you'd (a) tell me what I missed or got wrong and (b) remind me when I forget what I resolved:

1 - Quality content:  In the current era where every think tank, news outlet, nonprofit, and classroom teacher has his or her own blog and Twitter feed and YouTube channel the real issue is selecting (and writing) high-quality content that provides useful information and is intellectually honest rather than predictible, self-serving, and unchanging. Less is more. This may be the hardest one for me.

2 - Longer, more thoughtful pieces: Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest and Facebook are all great -- I have and do them all -- but there's really no replacement for longer essays and reported stories that can convey nuance, detail, and flesh out an idea or issue -- and no reason given the rise of longform blog sites and tablet readers not to share (and write) more of these in 2013.  [Wouldn't you know it, this is my shortest resolution?]

image from money.usnews.com

3 - Fresh new voices and perspectives:  I don't know about you but I feel like I already know what most folks out there are going to say, and have become pretty sick of hearing them say it. As I did last year with the addition of Paul Bruno I'm going to try and ferret out new, fresh voices that take on a different view, share a different perspective, or at least give us a break from the circular firing squad of familiar voices.

4 - Constructive criticism:  It's all too easy to find flaws in what others are doing or saying, and to come up with pretty-sounding alternatives.  But the folks being criticized usually aren't malicious idiots.  They're doing what they're doing for reasons -- logistical and political limitations, usually -- that critics like me all too often ignore.  I'm going to try and do more about viable alternatives in 2013, and call out those on all sides who rely too much on critiquing the other side instead of coming up with workable (not wishful) alternatives.

5 - Building out my blogging empire:  It's been a ton of fun blogging about national issues, Chicago, and (most recently) Los Angeles, as well as posting silly stuff on Hot For education.  They all sort of work together.  And, despite the glut of blogs out there, I think there's still room for another hyper-niche blog of some kind.  I'm just not sure what the topic should be.  A few years ago I scared and amused folks with the idea of a blog focused entirely on the world of education philanthropy that I wanted to call "Bill Gates' Magic Spray Can."  More recently, I've thought about a blog focused on middle-class parents, gentrification, and diversity -- one of several "what next?" issues that I and others have been writing about over the past year or so.  Dibs. 

That's it for now.  What have I missed or gotten wrong?  What would you suggest that I do more or differently in 2013 (and do you want to help and/or fund the effort)? Which resolution have I already broken?

Five Best Blogs: Another Report On Teacher Prep

Network-analysis-LA-lakers-625x50125 state chiefs get behind a new report, calling for more rigor in teacher prep via @Edsector ow.ly/gaUzL ALSO: Chiefs for Change Statement on CCSSO’s Teacher Preparation Report @excelined http://ow.ly/gaWm7

“Teach for America” aimed at San Diego  ow.ly/gaOz5 

RI 2nd grade Teacher Reads Resignation Letter Over School’s Obsession With Tests Taking ow.ly/ga8fr 

Right to work: A union battle whose time has passed - The Washington Post Steve Pearlstein ow.ly/ga89D

Diane Ravitch and the Long View of School Reform - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher http://ow.ly/gaU2i 

Having grown readership by 1/3 to 70K/month & hosted events in '12, @gothamschools aims to add reporters & more in '13 ow.ly/gaey7

"The days when NEA stood far apart from the broader labor movement are gone." ow.ly/gaR75

Weekend Reading: Great Stuff You Might Have Missed

The #thisweekined Twitter feed was dominated by the Sandy Hook shooting but there were a few notable stories from magazines, longform sites, and other outlets that you might find interesting:


Suckers for Superheroes ow.ly/g8dsf NYMag [A profile aboutt General Petreus & Lance Armstrong might as well be about Canada, Kahn, Klein, Ravitch]

The Liberal Case *Against* Right-to-Work Laws - Michael Kinsley ow.ly/g884m

How to Keep All of Huck Finn in the Classroom - Mark Berlein ow.ly/g87Zg

A Day at an Elementary School with a Cognitive Psychologist | Cedar's Digest ow.ly/g8drn

The Coming Education Policy Cliff of 2014 | Whiteboard Advisors @ddeschryver ow.ly/g887k

Why Nate Silver Can Save Math Education in America | MindShift ow.ly/g8d1i [Probably not but it's a fun headline]

Apps Alone Won’t Teach Your Kid To Read |NewAmerica.net ow.ly/g857c @NewAmerica

Five Best Blogs: Think Tankers Only A Month Late On Khan Article

ScreenHunter_05 Dec. 03 10.55

Hess ow.ly/fN14I & Smarick ow.ly/fN1sM ponder Sal Kahn article I read & dismissed a month ago ow.ly/fN1ku

Hard to take the Common Core seriously when, like the fiscal cliff, it sems so unlikely to happen @washingtonpost   ow.ly/fMgNa

The elusive Jonah Edelman weighs in on the fiscal cliff, which is actually a smart move ow.ly/fMOsL

Oh no, they're talking about eliminating the $240B charitable tax deducation (which mostly goes to the rich) #5bb ow.ly/fMhjX

Weekend Reading: It's Not Too Late

Here are some of the stories I tweeted out over the weekend, which you might want to catch up on or save for later -- plus illustrated instructions on how to Gangam Style:

GangamstylehowtoWill Competition Cure Head Start—or Kill It? | TIME.comow.ly/fKcGC 

The Autism Advantage - NYTimes.com ow.ly/fJVD2

Mike Stryer's New ideas from a new generation of teachers - The Washington Post ow.ly/fKTp0

The parent trigger isn't really new, and reformers really haven't embraced it, but... ow.ly/fKEYo @RaRapoport

Pittsb City Paper - Another "expose" exaggerating the funding and influence of reform campaign funding ow.ly/fKjzb 

What Happens Now That the War on [Schools] Has Failed? - The Feature ow.ly/fJVMQ 

The Dangers of a Data-Driven World - In These Times ow.ly/fJWeF How algorithms destroy @davidsirota

At Brooklyn Free School, A Movement Reborn With Liberty And No Testing For All ow.ly/fKhER

More Colleges Dropping SAT or ACT in Favor of Admissions Requirements That Suck Lessow.ly/1PU5R2 

New book from Thirtysomething/My So-Called Life writer centers on bullied prep school student ow.ly/fJWF6

Five Best Blogs: Las Vegas Self-Reports Happy News

Hey, this new "rate yourself" program is great, says Clark County Nevada school system  ow.ly/fIYMk

These state veto / lame duck sessions are full of ed reform bits -- IL earlier this week, MI here #5bbow.ly/fJ223

Krugman: Class Wars of 2012 - NYTimes.com #5bb via @atlanticwire ow.ly/fIWtB

Wild times in the Michigan veto session #5bb via Daily Kos :ow.ly/1PRyGz

Online schools spend millions to attract studentsow.ly/fGUQw @gtoppo #5bb OK, interesting, but how much do district schools spend?

LA Unified 'could do more' to improve its handling of child abuse reports, says state audit released today @latams #5bb ow.ly/fGIP5

Five Best Blogs: Some Days There Aren't Really "Five Best Blogs"

ScreenHunter_08 Nov. 27 09.43Duncan weighs in on DREAM Act passage - Univision#5bb ow.ly/fEvEg

Suit Targets 'Locator' Chips in Texas Student IDs @APow.ly/fEvtz ACLU and Christian conservatives join forces against #5bb

Can NACSA, NJ, and CA initiate shutdown of failing charter schools?  They're giving it another try ow.ly/fEiox

A Strategic Plan for [Angry Progressive School Reform Critics] - The American Prospect #5bb ow.ly/fEeP6

Sillytime! NYT columnist proposes Duncan for SofState ow.ly/fEeAo 

Susan Rice's National Cathedral School 9th Grade Teacher, John Wood, Defends Her Against Attackow.ly/fDllT

Five Best Blogs: Free The 61 RTTT-D Finalist Applications!

Down from 1200 RTTD applications to 61 RTTD finalistsow.ly/fBdC8 Anyone know what they proposed, or what the reviews/scores were? [USDE won't say]

Valerie Strauss disapproves of KIPP's efforts to get colleges to recruit & support graduates ow.ly/fCZa9 #5bb Calling Joanne Barkan

NYT columnist Nocera proposes @rweingarten for EdSec, much like Steve Brill proposed her for Chancellor in NYC ow.ly/fC1k8 

Twilight of the EdReformers - Katie's Ramblings @katieO #5bb ow.ly/fCchK

Schools Head Finds a Formula WSJ ow.ly/1PLvf4

NJ editor wins school board seat with 24-hour FB campaign then realizes - doh! -- he can't serve @romenesko #5bb ow.ly/fCouz

Five Best Blogs: Chicago Proposes Moratorium On Closings


Chicago proposes 5 year moratorium on school closings after 2013 - Yahoo! News ow.ly/fABdF [for more see district299.com]

Stakes likely go up on teacher evaluations in Obama’s second ter - SI&A Cabinet Report – News & Resources ow.ly/fAIl6

NJ's new teacher tenure law didn't get rid of LIFO - but John Mooney says reformers are still trying ow.ly/fA5Dr

Why are liberals so angry when they won, asks Morning Joe Scarborough? Mediaite ow.ly/fAbyQ

Testing Should Inform, Not Impede, Teaching and Learning ow.ly/fA6u6 @AFTunion new petition

Chicago teachers are loving their hard-won freedom from lesson plan templates Chicago Sun-Timesow.ly/fzEJ0 #5bb

It's not for profit vs. nonprofit that matters, says new @AEIeducation report -- it's new vs. old institutions ow.ly/fA5Qb

Neuroscience Applied to Education: Mostly Unimpressive - Daniel Willingham ow.ly/fzEVT #5bb via @anniemurphypaul

Weekend Reading: Praxis Cheating, More Cuts Coming

Sometimes the news that comes out over the weekend is just as important as anything that comes out during the week:

Teachers in several states hired stand-in to take ETS Praxis certification tests - U.S. Newsow.ly/fySG2 

U.S. School Districts, Eyeing Fiscal Crisis, Brace for More Cutbacks - NYTimes.com ow.ly/fyrRb

Civil Rights Investigation Triggers LAUSD Overhaul @ladnews ow.ly/1PKfTh

 Bonus time | The Economistow.ly/fyWIq A new contract for teachers is shaking up New Jersey’s largest city

 The digital divide isn't access it's "the way they're using the Internet" that's different @AmRadioWorks       ow.ly/fytGj

At Least 37 States Will Be Under Single-Party Control In 2013 - Mediaite ow.ly/fyrPY

Sunlight Foundation rates/ranks PAC spending and impactow.ly/fyt8z I don't see unions or reformers here, FWIW

Educate All Kids Like Sasha and Malia - In These Times ow.ly/fytOb @leoniehaimson

Five Best Blogs: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone


Is ed reform headed for its own Bay of Pigs? ow.ly/fu16h #5bb @kportermagee

A self-described SIG success story from Commerce City, Colorado @ednews #5bb ow.ly/ftRXj Or aren't those allowed?

'Parent-Trigger' Progress in CA- WSJ David Feith #5bb ow.ly/1PFWZ3

Checker finn: Hurrah for ALEC #5bb ow.ly/1PEJrF

Enrollment In Indiana Voucher Program Skyrockets In 2nd Year @HuffPostEdu #5bb ow.ly/1PEJeJ

 From Jay Mathews: Why private school vouchers aren’t enough: bit.ly/WtSMVb

Five Best Blogs: Progressives & Conservatives Join Forces

Cn_image.size.foreign-legionAnti-Testing: Unlikely Common Ground? The American Prospect ow.ly/fpUwx @RaRapoport 

Yet another ed reform campaign story without context / comparable numbers on the union  side ow.ly/fpVva   @BrandtStrib 

Even when reform passes, teachers unions engage in massive resistance. WSJ.com ow.ly/fppES 

The disappointing but completely predictable results from SIG ow.ly/fq0YO 

The two schools are located about two miles away from each other on Chicago’s affluent near-north side. WTimes \ow.ly/fpuHC

Is this the first principal do do an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit? via @HuffPostEdu ow.ly/fpUUa 995 comments

Weekend Reading: What You Might Have Missed

Over the weekend I tweet out stories from mazazines and longform sites that are of interest, using the hashtag #thisweekined.  It's sort of like Five Best Blogs, except for the weekend: 

Kruger_project5_9051In Andrew Solomon's new book, parents - like teachers - try to understand children much unlike themselves ow.ly/fo2x8

90 of the 105 candidates backed by StudentsFirst were Republicans, says Salon's @DanielDenvir ow.ly/fnqRF

Residency Program Tops UT and TFA on TN Teacher-Prep Report Card - Teacher Beat - Education Weekow.ly/fmf6w

Jonathan Chait on the Democrats' Class-War Triumph -- New York Magazine ow.ly/fo2mR

The Fifteen “Twitterers” Whose Tweets I Read First @Larryferlazzo ow.ly/fnLNH 

Latest BloombergEDU has Joe Williams, Joy Resmovits, Scott Elliott, and Alyson Klein ow.ly/fo4kO 

MA supe Paul Reville sheds light on the future of education policy ow.ly/foeGg @HarvardGSE

Unlike DC, Baltimore takes test tampering seriously: What would happen if the D.C. school syst... bit.ly/SGEl9S

Train plows into school bus in Egypt, 50 killed | Reuters ow.ly/fogrH

Five Best Blogs: School Reform's Inner-City Problem

Images3 (1)Arthur Levine: The Suburban Education Gap - WSJ.com ow.ly/fjDfX via @Wonkbook 

Joel Klein: We Need a Bar Exam for Educators ow.ly/1Pzhur 

How online ed is going to do to the music industry what Napster did to music Clay Shirky ow.ly/fkrJh 

Cato Unbound » Blog Archive » Why Online Education Works ow.ly/fkrI3 

New twist on cyberbullying: Anonymous vigilantes defend depressed teen, expose tormentors via Jezebel ow.ly/fjBPQ @emilybazelon

Tech Groups Offer Lame-Duck Wish Lists -NJournal ow.ly/fkrFo There's an ed reform version of this out there, somewhere

Book about poverty wins National Book Award CJRow.ly/fjBra 

Five Best Blogs: What're You Looking At?

image from cdn.theatlanticwire.com

Progressives: The Biggest Winners of State Ballot Measures ow.ly/fegrE  [Just keep telling yourselves that] 

Labor taken for granted: It's not so hard to get union support. ow.ly/fegfc 

How Much Time Do Teachers and Students Spend on Standardized Tests? | Education on GOOD ow.ly/feghi 

Amanda Ripley : Blog : The Case for (Serious) Testing http://ow.ly/feuMH #5bb

Some e-Readers allow teachers to monitor student time spent reading, er, viewing, er with the thing turned onow.ly/fegG1 

50CAN's only endorsed RI challenger was someone who lost her seat in 2010, notes @shankerblog http://ow.ly/feuDp

Weekend Reading: Best Stories You Might Have Missed



Charter Schools, the Cliffhanger Issue of the 2012 Election - Emily Chertoff - The Atlantic ow.ly/fc3yN

After a year on the beat KPCC's Tami Abdollah is leaving for AP/law enforcement ow.ly/fbAuZ

D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson Expected To Release List Of Schools Targeted For Closureow.ly/fbsGD

From War Zone To The Classroom : NPR ow.ly/fbrvg

Blogger calls and asks schools to intervene when students sent out racist Tweets after Obama win  ow.ly/fbqQD

Guesses and Hopes for Early Education in Obama’s Second Term ow.ly/fbprx @NewAmerica

Finding good schools in average neighborhooods: In my 30 years writing about schools, one read... bit.ly/ZncAIm


Five Best Blogs: Not Charters, Not Poverty -- Not "Obamacore"

Not Charters, Not Poverty- @UchicagoUEI's Charles Payne on magic bullets and excuses in Chicago and elsewhere ow.ly/f7Wy0

From Jay Mathews: Moving the best teachers to the worst schools: Here are two tough questions for D.C. Schools... bit.ly/T6Zg7E

Indy Star's @Scottelliot rebukes notion that conservative opposition caused the Bennett defeat in IN ow.ly/f84wF @AEIeducation

Roundup of views on CA Prop 32 and MI collective bargaining initiative from Union Watch #5bb ow.ly/f8jmh

Please Stop Using the Phrase 'Achievement Gap' ow.ly/f8CPV @DrCamikaRoyal #5bb

Former NYT education columnist mike @winerip embroiled in Springsteen/Springstein kerfluffle ow.ly/f8Cpd @edwrriters

Five Best Blogs: Tallying Up The Wins & Losses

Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 11.39.26 AMEducation Ballot Initiative Results Show Mixed Returns On School Reform @HuffPostEdu, @Joy_Resmovits#5bb ow.ly/1Pr3Yd

Slideshow! How Americans Voted On Key State Funding Measures For Schools ow.ly/f6wAF #5bb @HuffPostEdu

Teachers unions notch big wins on state education votes - @SSimonReuters ow.ly/f6AFK #5bb

How ["Obamacore"] Helped the Teachers Unions Take Out Tony Bennett :: Frederick M. Hess ow.ly/f6ezS#5bb

Schools, or shelters? After Sandy, they're both NYT via @annenburginst nyti.ms/UwAz37 #5bb #sandyschools

From Jay Mathews: Six non-college reasons not to blow off high school: Kevin McMullin agrees with me, but that ... bit.ly/T3Ygkw

RT @lisafleisher: "We just don't know" how many schools won't have heat, schools Chancellor Walcott says. Possibly 28.

Five Best Blogs: "Race" Districts, Sandy Schools

74778_10151226655264826_79850840_nMetro school districts get into race for federal grants - The Denver Post ow.ly/f2GZR #5bb

Clark County, NV got the union's sign-on on Friday blogs.edweek.org/edweek/Distric… @district_doss

A Principal's Fight to Save a Flooded School for Troubled Teens | TIME ow.ly/f2xyj @sarahegarland#sandyschools

Bloomberg reconsiders sending NYC kids into schools being used as shelters, reports @lisafleisher WSJ  ow.ly/f2xe9 #sandyschools

Another interesting AP correction -- this time about WestEd's role in the reent OIG report on charter oversight #5bb ow.ly/f1JRA

Is Everyone on the Autism Spectrum? -- New York Magazine #5bb ow.ly/f1Jmy [Yes]

Trigger laws adopted in CA, CT, MI, LA, TX but proposed and not passed in 20 other states, notes @ajc #5bb ow.ly/f1HhJ

Weekend Reading: Hechinger, NPR, EdWeek, NYT

Here are some of the stories from magazines and sites I don't check during the week: image from cdn.theatlanticwire.com 

Only about half of StudentsFirst's Missouri candidate won in the primary, notes @hechingerreport ow.ly/f0JQ1

Public employees insulated from earlier job losses now face layoffs NPR ow.ly/eZD95 

Show Me Your Badge - NYT ow.ly/f0liC@kevincarey1 

How Do You Raise a Prodigy? - NYT Magazineow.ly/eZCBv #thisweekined

[Also: Where Are the Gifted Minorities? Scientific Americanow.ly/eYXmz Co-written by my former colleague Rena Subotnik]

Uh, oh, @ncate: Minnesota Colleges Must Turn Over Education Syllabi ow.ly/eYVd5 @edweek

Jonathan Kozol interview in In These Timesow.ly/eZCdE [Does he ever talk about Ravitch, I wonder?]

Image via: Great Moments of Obama Talking on the Phone #thisweekined


Five Best Blogs: LA Tries - Fails - To Get "Race" Funding w/o Union

image from chartporn.orgLAUSD applies for RTTT funding despite lack of union support - quickly shot down by USDE @LASchoolReport ow.ly/eXaKv

Pro-charter PAC money flooding into Northern CA school board races, notes SJ Mercury http://ow.ly/eXbgk Alas, story lacks comparable union figures.

@PennHillGroup adding Tom Corwin, Kara Marchione,Cheryl Sattler, & Anna Suarez to its SWAT team 

From Jay Mathews: Why not a Jefferson High for poor kids?: While we wonder what should be done about our region... bit.ly/Rubl4I

LA Times posts PDFs of school testing irregularity reports - interesting to read  @howardblume tinyurl.com/api2012

Image via

Five Best Blogs: Teachers, Unions, Race To The Top

20121029-Union-Strength-Full-Report-1 (1)

Fordham/ERN union report generates heated oppo despite complicated mix of findings @TeacherBeatow.ly/eVhzw

The Hill names NEA's Dennis Van Roekel among its Top Lobbyists in Washington ow.ly/eUCKm @NEAMedia

In Ohio, Teachers Run For Statehouse — And Could Give Obama A Boost NPR @StateImpactOH ow.ly/eVhpp

HuffPostLA editorial slams UTLA and CTA for resistance to federal funds tied to performance evaluations ow.ly/eUX4t

Recently-resigned Chicago superintendent Jean Claude Brizard warns against too much focus on teacher effectiveness ow.ly/eUU98

It's the distribution of qualified STEM teachers that's the issue, not the number, says WPost's @ChuckLane1   ow.ly/eUEAe

Apprentice program to train new Seattle teachers | Education | The Seattle Times ow.ly/eUCCA via @AnnenbergInst

The Benefits of Practice WSJ ow.ly/eUCkZ Doug Lemov via @robertpondiscio @anniemurphypaul

Five Best Blogs: Hurricane Recovery Begins

C69627f0a855ef5a0e98005b3ca8c8e9Roundup of Hurricane Sandy school closings @HuffPostEdu #5bbhuff.to/Rrdl15

Uh Oh, Ann Romney Wants to Champion Education | Education on GOOD ow.ly/eT3w2 @LizDwyer #5bb

When Reporters [like Richard Colvin] Preach the Party Line :: Frederick M. Hess http://ow.ly/eTGn0

It’s not just rich Republicans — unions also giving millions to SuperPACs SFGate ow.ly/eT4HV #5bb

11 TX school districts spent $140M on discipline |ajc.com ow.ly/eTih2 #5bb

The Unholy Alliance Against [Higher Ed] Online Learning - Bloomberg ow.ly/eThGN #5bb



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