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5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Hey, Everybody -- Let's Put Cameras On Teachers, Too!

The case for cop AND teacher cams - Chicago Tribune ( Reihan Salam) ow.ly/AHgIY

Reform advocacy groups like DFER & Stand evolving strategies, reports EdWeek's @AndrewUjifusa ow.ly/AHiHg

Why DFER's staying out of Tuck/Torlakson (and Vergara, too), via @AndrewUjifusa ow.ly/AHjk1

New Orleans' charter school system ill-prepared for jump in Central American immigrants | NOLA.comow.ly/AGFNs

Sometimes the school down the block makes you nervous - The Post reposts Jay Mathews' 2000 columnow.ly/AHxUv via @EducationNext

Two Spencer Fellow books reviewed in same edition of the NYT -- including one written by a 3rd Spencer 

Students Aren't Getting Enough Sleep—School Starts Too Early - The Atlantic ow.ly/AHff7

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5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Google Wants Kids To Have GMail (Apparently Unaware That Kids Don't Use Email Anymore)

The Trouble With Tenure - Frank Bruni feat. Mike Johnston in the NYTimes.com ow.ly/AuAHO

Obama Waivers Add Fuel to Lawsuit Bid - @PoliticsK12 ow.ly/AuS0p

Common Core for Young Learners Educators tackle challenges in the early grades ow.ly/AuHJO

Google May Start Handing Out Gmail Accounts to Kids - The Wire ow.ly/AuQ9u But how to do so without violating COPPA?

Nonwhite student body is now the majority, but most white students won't know (because neighborhood assignment) - Vox ow.ly/AuSWz

Gates touts teacher tools ow.ly/AuKcr feat. BetterLesson, ThinkCERCA, LightSail, FineTune, Edmodo, BloomBoard

Longest trial in SC history focuses on education | @ajam @Warbelle ow.ly/AuSkK

The Los Angeles Unified School District ducks out of trigger law, cites federal waiver | Deseret News ow.ly/AuLAe


5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Is NPR Pro-Reform Or Con?

Initially, critics claimed @npr_ed was pro-reform (b/c Gates $$). Here @petercook suggests it's anti (b/c NOLA story) ow.ly/As6Zs

‘Vergara’ decision signals the start of a 3rd wave of ed reform - Joshua Lewis in The Washington Postow.ly/As6Oi

Overdue process for Duval County FL special ed teacher teacher, or illustration why job protections needed?ow.ly/As5C3

Rotherham not sure Rhee "drew fire away from other groups," then in next graf describes how she did just thatow.ly/As2MG

The Common Core Will *Not* Double The Dropout Rate http://ow.ly/ArZOZ  No matter what Carnegie Corp or @drjohnthompson say - @mrpabruno

Reform critics at @NetworkPublicEd add new board members to address lack of diversity, but botch rollout with "Crayon" comment.

All this and more throughout the day at @alexanderrusso.

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: US Teachers Double OECD Classroom Average

US teachers' classroom hours (double OECD avg) prevent changes @elizwgreen book promotes, writes @smosle http://ow.ly/AjTnG 

Green's new book ultimately rejects reflects on @Doug_Lemov's methods touted in 2010, notes @smosle http://ow.ly/AjSq6 

45 pct of teachers think CC *tests* will improve achievement; nearly 70 pct believe CC = improved instruction http://ow.ly/AjVGk 

Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe will join board of pro-Vergara group @studentsmatter, reports @Morning_Edu 

Valerie Strauss's annual break from criticizing reform efforts is out today: #thankscommoncore ow.ly/Al2Ww

Wait, what? Kansas comes in #5 among states with best school systems http://ow.ly/Akgvx  @huffpostedu @rklein9

All this and much much more at @alexanderrusso.


5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Endorse, Oppose, Or Stay Out Of The Race?

Unions vary political strategies in places where they are at odds with Dem governors, notes @eia's Antonucci ow.ly/A7Xex

Fordham's @MichaelPetrilli interviews @elizwgreenabout her book-length followup to her 2010 NYT article ow.ly/A7bVn

Chicago releases improved test score results -- too bad they're not on the annual state tests - District299 ow.ly/A6wsS

Map: Handful of states (CA, TX, FL, NY, VA) getting biggest numbers of unaccompanied minorsow.ly/A7Nba @l_maxwell

New series on Dems & choice features opeds from @parentrev @dfer @rwhitmire Doug Tthill Myles Mendoza Gloria Romero ow.ly/A7pF4

30 Ed Applications of Google Glass include teacher eval, teacher's view, ow.ly/A7ftu

NYT Schools for Tomorrow Conf 9/9 includes @RickKahlenberg @paultough @MichelleRhee ow.ly/A6Ta9


5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: "Half-Day" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Lets retire the full day and half day#ECE labels. bit.ly/1vg4q7U @NewAmerica

Six Myths in the NYT Math Article | Brookings Institution http://ow.ly/A45td 

Common Core Is Boring - @conorpwilliams in TPM http://ow.ly/A4vsu 

Tests That Look Like Video Games : NPR Ed : NPR http://ow.ly/A4qVO 

15 Strategies for Placing Excellent Teachers in High-Need Schools - EdWeek ow.ly/A4w3b 

Is the Duolingo language app good enough to prep students for the TOEFL? ow.ly/A4SKO  

Writeup of @dfer CA re-launch in Long Beach last weekow.ly/A4WAe @SteveBarrLA

Who does @campbell_brown think she is, asks @citizenstewartow.ly/A4RYX +41 comment

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: Bad Teacher Math From Weingarten

Teachers avg 14 years of experience not 2, says @StudentsFirst's @jacobwaters about @rweingarten @AFTunion claims ow.ly/A1IhY

"Who The Fck Is Campbell Brown?" writes Esquire's angry political blogger, Charles P. Pierce ow.ly/A2dqO@ESQPolitics

‘The View' Hosts Apparently Love Teachers, Hate Tenure http://ow.ly/A1FnA 

Half-day and full-day labels mislead early education debate, notes @NewAmericaEd via @RedditEducation http://ow.ly/A1GaI 

20 states with new student-data laws | Marketplace.orgow.ly/A1GIU @adrienehill 

Jindal lawyer: Common Core a ‘scheme’ that breaks federal law - @caitlinzemma POLITICO.com ow.ly/A2dhF

Cool new learning space for LA's Locke HS @EdSurge@MJMadda ow.ly/A1J2Z @greendot 

5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: The "Myth" Of Tenure

What a union will - and won't - do to protect a teacher, according to AEI's Antonucci via @eduwonk http://ow.ly/zZuXJ  Accurate?

SEE ALSO: Tenure never protected teachers as much as is thought, but ending it will deteriorate teaching TCRecord:  http://ow.ly/zZfnR 

CA's new school funding system stumbles into its first year, says @hechingerreport http://ow.ly/zZrxh

Ed advocates of all kinds might do well to (re-) read this New Yorker article: Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral http://ow.ly/zYVlE 

Meet the left's new campaign think tank - WPost http://ow.ly/zZvJJ 

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads - @TheAtlanticEDU Meghan Murphy http://ow.ly/zYOA4 

Are You A “Student Voice” Kind Of Educator?... http://ow.ly/zZrOy 


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: MA Charter Teachers Join Teamsters

MA teachers unionize via Teamsters not MTA or MFT - Worcester Telegram http://ow.ly/zVVAL  First time ever? @SteveBarrLA @aftacts [seems unlikely]

Sacto's St. Hope schools taps Michelle Rhee as board chair - The Sacramento Bee http://ow.ly/zVZ8c  via @RealClearEd

How Chicago & Philly Are Short-Changing Low-Income Students http://ow.ly/zVY7f  @rklein90

Check out this PD personalization webinar feat. ASCD & Scholastic experts next week 8/14 http://ow.ly/zWlzG  @ScholasticAdms

What happened when writer @elizwgreen stepped in and tried to teach a class herself? insidehighered http://ow.ly/zVe6V 

Media over-focusing on edtech failures vs. successes like McCallen, says proponent @EdSurge News http://ow.ly/zVblM 

Get news and commentary all day at @alexanderrusso.

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Departing House Leader Rails Against Neighborhood-Based School Assignment

Cantor decries neighborhood/school quality linkage  ow.ly/zQlsp USA Today via @RedditEducation  

Fact-Checking UFT’s Attack on NOLA Schools | PE + COow.ly/zQlp0 @petercook

Snapshot of Teacher Union Spending on House, Senate Campaigns  @PoliticsK12  ow.ly/zQ8ez  @laurenonthehill

Vox points out big but little-known hole in union spending figures ow.ly/zR1Ob

2014's top lobbying spenders so far - Washington Postow.ly/zQmeg Labor unions/teachers *not* among them

Why poor kids fail to show up for college - and lie to college counselors about it - Jay Mathews ow.ly/zQmBG

Knowledge Isn’t Power - NYT ow.ly/zPUAI Krugman on politicians and the public ignoring expertise

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Generals Back Common Core [Is That A Good Thing?]

450 pro-Common Core Army generals say teacher preparedness tied to national security The Tennesean ow.ly/zNMZY #thankscommoncore?

WI High Court Upholds Law Curbing Collective-Bargaining Rights for Public Employees - WSJ @carolineporter ow.ly/zNOf2

The End of Paper-and-Pencil Exams? [Yes.] @TheAtlanticEDU @EWAEmily ow.ly/zOmVQ

Arnold Foundation helping CPI track funding in 6,300 state level races this year : CJR ow.ly/zNPvM

Things are better, and they're worse, says Fordham's Finn in a farewell message ow.ly/zOmlo No, you're not invited to the party.

Forget the surge of unaccompanied minors hitting some districts -- how about the big surge in suburban poverty? TIME ow.ly/zNOH3

Don’t Teach Math, Coach It - NYT oped by Jordan Ellenberg ow.ly/zOnjS

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Hoboken Laptop Experience Unusual / Misleading

Lots of districts avoid Hoboken's unusually disastrous 1:1 deployment  saga  ow.ly/zKKxD @hechingerreport @pwillens

Chart: Top Liberal Campaign Spenders 2012 - via Voxow.ly/zKHsh includes Bloomberg, Soros, Fred Eychaner, etc.

Readers respond angrily to "practice" school-shooting story ow.ly/zKFno via @romenesko

Race to the Top, Wasn't : Frederick M. Hess ow.ly/zKJcZ@rhess99 via @DianeRavitch

Remembering Gene Maeroff - Education Next : Education Next ow.ly/zL69g (features audio interview)

Some Wisconsin schools oppose Common Core repeal ow.ly/zKF4h AP via @RealClearEd

I'm really enjoying the anonymous fun of #thankscommoncore @thnkscommoncore -- but I also want to know who started it??

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: #ThanksCommonCore

How textbooks describe war has changed dramatically says @PacificStand ow.ly/zIE5z @bechang8.

Are 1:1 computer deployments not all that helpful, as this @WNYC story suggests - or did Hoboken just do it wrong? ow.ly/zIn9R

Mead: 5 Totally Doable Things to Improve Head Start @saramead ow.ly/zIn2Y

Diane Ravitch has met with 46k more teachers than Arne Duncan in the past year, she says ow.ly/zIK7d

Aldeman chides (get it?) Green for ignoring improved math results in her NYT story ow.ly/zIoAI 

To Stop Cheating, Nuclear Officers Ditch The Grades : NPR ow.ly/zIrkY 

Cory Booker, Rand Paul, & Rachel Racusen (again) make The Hill's "50 Most Beautiful" list for 2014ow.ly/zIu2p Any other edtypes?

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: You're Fired -- I Mean, Fined

NYC Teachers in Disciplinary Cases More Often Fined Than Fired - WSJ ow.ly/zEQ1a @lesliebrody

Salon: The plot to destroy education: Why techn could ruin US classrooms — by trying to fix them" ow.ly/zFflP

Not All Discipline Disparities May Be The Result Of Implicit Bias - @shankerblog ow.ly/zFVN1

Democrats are more liberal now than 20 years ago -- and most active Dems are liberal, too, says Politicoow.ly/zFfc3

Abq Journal: Panelists provide transparency in New York Education Department's setting of "cut scores"ow.ly/zFiVC via RCE

Don't like these? Lots more to pick from (esp. from over the weekend) at @alexanderrusso.


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Clinton Launches #BabyTalking Campaign

Clinton Launches Baby-talking Campaign In Oakland ow.ly/zxPJy #babytalking 

Unions put teachers on streets — for votes - http://POLITICO.com  Print View http://ow.ly/zxq4G 

Self-proclaimed "naive" NYC Teaching Fellow Florina Rodov aims to open her own school next yearow.ly/zxDgA @TheAtlanticEDU

Do the CAP teacher salary report & coverage seem misleading to you like it does to me? ow.ly/zyp7n@MrPABruno @SchlFinance101

New think tank started by CAP economist will fund Berkely's Jesse Rothstein on ed ineq, reports @TheStoryline ow.ly/zycgT

Ed tech promoters need to understand how most of us learn | The Hechinger Report ow.ly/zxWbN

Washington Post's @TheStoryline is latest entry in wonky explainer sites like @vox. RSS ow.ly/zycMu You're welcome


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Philanthropy Is Everywhere

The Expanding Role of Philanthropy in Education Politics http://ow.ly/zvgb6  @sreckhow and Jeff Snyder via @dianeravitch

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? - http://NYTimes.com  http://ow.ly/zuZMK  @elizabeth_green @elizwgreen

Apple Claims 85% of U.S. Education Market for Tablets http://ow.ly/zuqy8  [Even as iPad consumer sales flatline]

Setting the record straight on tenure  - NY Daily News http://ow.ly/zvMHG  #vergara @campbell_brown

Both @anniegilbertson & @mrpabruno think @libbyanelson's map http://bit.ly/1tBboQk  should be adjusted for COL etc 

This Aspiring Astronaut Might Be The World's Most Amazing Teen : Goats and Soda : NPR http://ow.ly/zvGZe 

Cato's Andrew Coulson slams Slate's Sweden School Choice article in @EducationNext http://ow.ly/zvn37 

High schools worse than colleges handling rape, reports Al Jazeera America http://ow.ly/zviOv  Harrowing story re Seatle's Garfield HS


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: What If Colleges Don't Agree About "College-Ready"?

"The awkward truth is that *colleges* determine what “college-ready” means." http://ow.ly/zsA5D  @ChadAldeman

Liberal oppo to Common Core isn't as new as Slate's @daveweigel seems to think - but the NY polls *are* a problem http://ow.ly/zrMGu 

5 [Good] Reasons Education Reformers Should Care About Head Start - @saramead http://ow.ly/zsAc9 

The Hill's profile of Third Way's national security guru makes me wonder whatever happened to their education work? http://ow.ly/zsAt6 

The child migrant crisis is not just a border issue: Blue states need to step up. http://ow.ly/zrM0Y  says Slate's @emilybazelon

Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic http://ow.ly/zsysB

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Elizabeth Warren Isn't Taking Up Charters, Testing (Yet)

Warren's "11 commandments for progressives" avoid mention of charters, testing, and teacher pay, notes @mattyglesias ow.ly/zpE9b

Should Progressives Support Public Sector Unions? ow.ly/zoZBG @DmitriMehlhorn vs. Jake Rosenfeld @OnLaborBlog

Antonio Villaraigosa: Why Are Teachers Unions So Opposed to Change? - WSJ ow.ly/zoYSW  @villaraigosavia On Labor

A Year Watching Schools Prepare For FL's New Standards | WLRN ow.ly/zpYlR  @hechingerreport@StateImpactFL

NEA & AFT Give More Than $2.2 Million to Democratic Governors | Intercepts ow.ly/zpHLn

RapGenius goes to School = Education Genius ow.ly/zpEFB Anyone trying or using it out there?

Report Finds U.S. Schools Rank Below Average in Innovation - WSJ ow.ly/zpIub  @carolineporter@OECD_Edu @BenjaminBHerold

NatJournal's @fawnjohnson on the bright political prospects for early ed in Republican races ow.ly/zpUgM

How come there aren't any great twitter bots for education/edreform? ow.ly/zpJr8

Help Marketplace's Amy Scott finish her stunning documentary about Cincinatti's Oyler school @OylerDoc ow.ly/zpITd


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Good Sweden Vs. Bad Sweden

Sweden's disastrous experiment with school choice -- Slate ow.ly/zgFFP @RFisman @rhess99 @edreform

For another take on Sweden's schools (arguing they're just fine), see here: themoneyillusion.com/?p=25145 
via @NeeravKingsland

Massachusetts Senate Votes Not to Lift Cap on Charter Schools | Diane Ravitch's blog ow.ly/zhcFp

Ravitch vs. Campbell: Why do we let women get away with making sexist comments? - The Washington Post @keligoff ow.ly/zgFsM

The case for shutting down Stuyvesant High School, the best public school in New York. ow.ly/zeQzs

Former IN State Chief Tony Bennett and the Politics of Personal Destruction -  @EducationNext  @rhess99 ow.ly/zheyn

Does Reliance on Specific Textbooks Stack the Deck Against Poor Districts? ow.ly/zheXw @merbroussard @MindShiftKQED

Principal comes close to breaking down talking about losing kids due to boundary changes ow.ly/zhhbE 18 min mark

Yes, Gaza militants hide rockets in schools, but Israel doesn't have to bomb them - Vox ow.ly/zheHp


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Beyond "Subprime Learning"

4 House and Senate Campaigns with Strong Education Angles - @PoliticsK12 ow.ly/zeyrV

A Mantra for K-12 Philanthropy: First, Do No Harm edweek.org/ew/articles/20… @rhess99

The Movement to Stop Test Mania Continues | Diane Ravitch's blog ow.ly/zeCzq @fairtest

Beyond Subprime Learning | @NewAmericaow.ly/zeCwR

"Diane Ravitch, public education sexist" | New York Post ow.ly/zeXkc Tabloid calls DR sexist. I think they look cute together.

The Splintering School Reform Movement - @MichaelPetrilli in Education Next ow.ly/zeIpK

How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students ow.ly/zeHo7

In 'Underwater Dreams,' Phoenix HS Robotics Team Puts Lens On Immigration Debate : NPR ow.ly/zeEO5


Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Bastille Day Edition

Teachers Unions Use Pension Fund Clout To Make Up For Lost Political Power ow.ly/z9icS  @Molly_HC@AFTunion

A middle ground on tenure? Some teachers in California say yes. | Deseret News National ow.ly/z8qhS

When Teachers Romanticize Their Students' Poverty - April Bo Wang - @TheAtlanticEDU ow.ly/z9i8Y

The Struggle Over Bad Teachers - NationalJournal.comow.ly/z874O

A New Device Lets You Track Your Preschooler ... And Listen In : NPR ow.ly/z9iP9 #KizON

OMG! Texting doesn't actually hurt kids' grammar or spelling skills - Vox ow.ly/z9jqx

​WestEd Gets $3M from USDE to Study Khan Academy Impact | EdSurge News ow.ly/z9lp6

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: White House Presses For Equitable Teacher Distribution

Arne Duncan Unveils 50-State Teacher-Equity Strategy - @PoliticsK12 ow.ly/ySqPl

When Beliefs and Facts Collide - NYTimes.com ow.ly/yRZsZ

Guest Post: In Defense of “Last-In, First-Out” | ON LABOR ow.ly/ySpVH From SEIU #Vergara

Percentage of U.S. public-school students/teachers who are racial or ethnic minorities : 42 percent /18 percent ow.ly/ySCj2

Next NEA leader's first task: Win back public -POLITICO.com ow.ly/yRqZ8 @caitlinzemma Is she on Twitter?

Why the anti-tenure lawsuit will fail  - NY Daily News via @ChalkbeatNY ow.ly/yRfj0  @campbell_brown

Five Best Blogs & Tweets: Two Of Three Superintendents Support Common Core

Common Core Will Improve Education Most District Chiefs Say - Education Week http://ow.ly/yF4pl 

Aspen Ideas Festival panel with David Coleman scheduled for this afternoon / live video feed, FYI http://ow.ly/yF2iJ

Legislative Efforts to Slow Down PARCC Parked -- at Least for Now - @NJSpotlight http://ow.ly/yEEoU 

How Michigan spends $1 billion but fails to hold @publiccharters accountable | Detroit Free Press http://ow.ly/yEZQd 

Waiverless WA Wants Out of Key NCLB Requirement - @politicsk12 http://ow.ly/yFhCM 

Limiting Rights: A Hit to Collective Bargaining - http://NYTimes.com  http://ow.ly/yFsq5 

Getting ready for #USAvsBEL? On #FIFAvsPISA, it's no competition http://gadf.ly/1q4ZltB  #worldcupED

Paul Bruno: What if There is No Crisis in U.S. Education? | Diane Ravitch's blog http://ow.ly/yFiDM  @mrpabruno

Green Dot Public Schools goes national, revamps Board @greendot http://ow.ly/yF5ei  @brucewmsmith @LAcharters

How to Trick Your Kids Into Reading All Summer Long - - The Atlantic http://ow.ly/yEZuh 

Five Best Blogs [& Tweets]: Teaching Is The New Equity

Access to Effective Teaching is the New Measure of Equity | Center for American Progress http://ht.ly/yBryT  @amprog

A 'Death Knell' For Public Sector Unions? Not Yet : NPR Ed http://ht.ly/yCkwG 

Narrow Supreme Court Ruling Has Public Unions' Nonmember Fees on Thin Ice - http://ht.ly/yC69X 

LAUSD Abandons One-Device-Fits-All iPad Strategy, Offers Laptops, Convertibles http://ht.ly/yCkUR 

How Finland Keeps Kids Focused Through Free Play - Tim Walker - The Atlantic ht.ly/yCzcV

The inevitable attack on character/motives that follows a difference of views with Ravitch et al ht.ly/yCzqO

In a country where we expect free WiFi with our coffee, shouldn't we demand it in our schools? buff.ly/1wGILTC... @newamerica

Four ed conferences in the same week - anyone speaking at (or going to all of them)? @iste @qualitycharters @ECS [Plus NEA]

Yes it's true -- you can *still* get This Week In Education via free daily email - just sign up here: ht.ly/yCrj9

Five Best Tweets: Charter Financial Ratings & EdTech Investments Decline

Standard & Poor’s rates outlook for charter school sector as ‘negative’ - @valeriestrauss @napcs Post http://ht.ly/yurpi 

Investments Decline As Education Technology Grows Up | TechCrunch http://ht.ly/yuaDq 

Did Pando fire @davidsirota over investor complaints? Poynter. http://ht.ly/yuoHR 

Reuters: California Just Made It Easier To Fire Bad Teachers http://ht.ly/yumRx 

Tying Federal Aid to College Ratings - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/yumxL 

Here's How Not to Teach First-Grade Math - @bechang8 Pacific Standard http://ht.ly/yulYz 

You say you want your kids to be good people, but they know you care more about grades http://ht.ly/yrm5K  @jesslahey

Rick Hess considers the mixed #CommonCore signals coming from state chiefs, foundations, and the USDE? http://ht.ly/ytYX8  @rhess99

Five Best Tweets [Of The Day]: Teachers Report High Job Satisfaction, Low Societal Value

OECD: Teachers love their jobs / feel undervalued ht.ly/yrJFH - US stats via @Morning_Edu 90 pct / 34 pct

Republicans -- & school boards -- block nat'l limits on#restrainingstudents, notes @ProPublica's @hvogell ht.ly/yrXzK

Several high-performing Shelby County tenured teachers face unemployment as deadline nears | @ChalkbeatTN ht.ly/yrxUB

White school district sends black kids back to failed schools | MSNBC's @trymainelee ht.ly/yra3c

#CommonCore for Young Learners: Educators tackle challenges in the early grades ht.ly/yrXSM @Harvard_Ed_Pub @KelleherMaureen

Converting Catholic Schools to Charters Draws Scrutiny - Education Week ht.ly/yrSac

Vergara supporters "cleverly positioned themselves as part of a campaign for civil rights," notes Ravitch blog post ht.ly/ys5uv

Former Village Voice writer Wayne Barrett describes de Blasio/UFT as "an unholy alliance" - NY Daily News ht.ly/yr9oo

Ban reading tests (replace them with subject specific exams), says @robertpondiscio because: background knowledge


Five Best Blogs: New Advocacy Organization Aims To Bring Vergara To New York

Obama alumni Robert Gibbs joins @campbell_brown's#Vergara-inspired campaign, reports @StephanieSimon_ ht.ly/yp0gE

32 States Are Failing To Follow Disability Law, U.S. Says - HuffPost ht.ly/yoEuy @Joy_Resmovits

CommonCore opposition isn't widespread but that doesn't mean it's not in trouble, says @ConorPWilliamsin TPM ht.ly/yoFvE

Showdown for state chief in Oklahoma, South Carolina - @Morning_Edu ht.ly/yoLpF

Parent-trigger efforts: At a crossroads? A standstill? A dead end? | Hechinger Report ht.ly/ypb3i @parentrev #parenttrigger

The best and worst education news of 2014 — so far - @Larryferlazzo in the Washington Post

New Approaches To Discipline Strive to Keep Kids Out of Jail : @npr_ed : NPR ht.ly/ypdxr

5 Thoughts on @rweingarten's AEI Remarks by @rhess99 ht.ly/ypePz #vergara

The Twitter handle for @Marketplace's newish edtech site is @LearningCurveEd 

Five Best Blogs: CTA Pushes For Tenure Expansion As Gov. Brown Ponders Vergara Appeal

As Gov Brown ponders Vergara appeal, California teachers union pushing for expansion of tenure - Reuters ht.ly/yeMTy

Why Do Other Parents Care Where I Send My Kid to School? - City Desk ht.ly/yeLLN @ConorPWilliams

Doomsday Scenario: A Court Order to Increase Taxes for K-12 - State EdWatch - Education Week ht.ly/yeMOO

Arizona Schools Chief Under Fire for Anonymous Blog Comments - State EdWatch - Education Week ht.ly/yeMKW

How the District’s education politics remain fundamentally driven by privilege, class, and race. ht.ly/yeLQV @ConorPWilliams

What happens to test scores & other teachers when you cluster TFA teachers at high-need schools? AIR ht.ly/yeKSz

Get to know @mikehtrujillo, one of the best/worst campaign guys who's ever worked on an ed campaign ht.ly/yegFP @hillelaron

Politico rounds up education issues playing out in governors' races ht.ly/ydXC7

Five Best Blogs: Teacher Prep, Vergara, & Everything Else


Possible Silver Lining in Grim Teacher Prep Review | EdCentral ht.ly/yc2Bo @mdjtooley @NCTQ

Top-ranked teacher ed program - Western Governors -- doesn't have classes - Vox ht.ly/yc23f @libbyanelson


SoCal public radio roundtable on #Vergara feat. @StephanieSimon_ @BroadFoundation Bruce Reed, @RickKahlenberg ht.ly/ycm0X

About Those Vergara Naysayers... | @ericlerumht.ly/ybXca

How California under-performs on NAEP and overpays, too -- Profit of Education ht.ly/yc2gG #Vergara


Jay Mathews: How not to blow $100 million on schools wapo.st/1qdKDAx

Vox: US Educational gains have been steady and long-standing via @voxdotcom ht.ly/yciW0

Behind the recent TFA/CPS renewal/contract extension @PassTheChalk ht.ly/yc9cK


Five Best Blogs: Duncan Moonwalks Vergara Comments Back (Sort Of)

Despite @arneduncan's NEA- and AFT-inspired#Vergara "moonwalk," unions still on defensive, says EIA ht.ly/y8PCE

Former @insidehighered reporter @alliegrasgreen is covering higher ed for Politico @Morning_Edu now ht.ly/y8LH7

THE DISRUPTION MACHINE: What the gospel of innovation gets wrong -The New Yorker ht.ly/y8KcC#edtech

Schoolyard brawls are declining -- is lead abatement the cause? @KevinDrum Mother Jones ht.ly/y8GN8

How desperate Michigan Universities and Businesses teamed up to try and save the state - NatJournal's @fawnjohnson ht.ly/y8ZJh

Just 11 of 86 Denver teachers placed on unpaid leave were rehired once mutual consent was implemented, reports EIA ht.ly/y8Qcx


Five Best Blogs: Commentary & Prognostication From Monday June 16

That "74 school shootings since New Town" story last week was wrong by a lot, says BI ht.ly/y5Pyf Was it Vox, WP, or NYT?

Connecticut could be next in teacher tenure wars - NewsTimes ht.ly/y5X6N

Weaker Teachers Leaving Schools Under N.Y.C.'s Tenure Changes - @TeacherBeat ht.ly/y5Wqh

Is @johnmerrow hypocritical to condemn high stakes testing but support #vergara? Cody wants to knowht.ly/y5X9e

A French Teen Leaked Sections Of The Country's SAT To Twitter - Business Insider ht.ly/y5PbU @rjwile

How many bad teachers are there? | Hechinger Reportht.ly/y6E2w

How the U.S. Stacks Up: FIFA versus PISA gadf.ly/1q4ZltB #worldcupED via @educationgadfly:

Common Core worth fighting for - Chicago Sun-Timesht.ly/y5j6B

ICYMI: States That Already Spent Less on Education Have Made Bigger School Cuts | FiveThirtyEightht.ly/y6qZb

In defense of laptops in the classroom. ht.ly/y5P6k Slate via @Wonkbook


Weekend Reading: A Silver Lining In The #Vergara Decision?

Longreads and tidbits from while you were away from your desk:

NEPC's Kevin Welner: A silver lining in the #Vergara decision? http://ht.ly/xZ6aG 

AirBnB / Uber meets tutoring = @WyzAnt? That's the elevator pitch, anyway http://ht.ly/xZm3K  Anybody toured/tried?

Forbes contrib @AdamOzimek adresses tenure reform concerns of @danagoldstein @dianeravitch http://ht.ly/xZxLD  #Vergara

In the absence of a plausible path to resurgence, the Democratic union divide is merely hypothetical, says @mattyglesias http://ht.ly/y3D41 

Jay Mathews: Four gifted writers share doubts about gifted education: Unscientific survey of great writer... http://wapo.st/TWNqmz 

Two boys sentenced to years in a detention facility after claiming they were going to murder kids at their school http://ht.ly/y3foB  [for reals]

#Vergara will "do nothing" to change key education factors, writes Ravitch in TNYROB http://ht.ly/y3gaN 

Slate: The guesstimate that struck down California’s teacher tenure laws. #vergara http://ht.ly/y3g5F

The Camden poverty story that a NYT reporter apparently lifted from the Phila Inquirer http://ht.ly/y3gZx 

Wait, what? The 33 yo creator of internet meme #SlenderMan wants to become a schoolteacher!


Five Best Blogs: Of World Cup Countries, Ghana Spends Most On Education

"Brazilians await the Cup's arrival the way HS students might await a test they haven't studied for." ht.ly/xWxe1 #WorldCupED

Ghana wins #worldcupEd, spending 8.1 percent of GDP on education ht.ly/xWzkU via WSJ

NYT Editorial page declares #Vergara decision the start of a "New Battle for Equal Education" ht.ly/xVBh6

Is Teacher Tenure Really The New Brown V. Board Of Ed? ht.ly/xWpNQ @TeacherBeat's @Stephen_Sawchuk on NPR

John Bailey is now VP of Policy at Foundation for Excellence in Education, says LinkedIn

"The often stated notion that more than half of black males drop out, or do not graduate, is not true," says Toldson ht.ly/xWcal

Without Jobs, School Is a Waste of Time - Young Education Professionals ht.ly/xWbws

School food lobby flip-flops on healthy school lunches | Al Jazeera America @MicheleRSimon ht.ly/xW76t@PoliticsK12

Stop complaining about Common Core, parents! - The Washington Post via RCE ht.ly/xMIC0


Five Best Blogs: First Daughter Violates COPPA, Plus Lotsa #Vergara

Sasha's use of Tumblr violated federal law, Obama realizes http://ht.ly/xTzdH 

10 things to know about the #Vergara decision | The Thomas B. Fordham Institute http://ht.ly/xSZG0  by @smarick

Chuck K's and my first take on Vergara http://bit.ly/1obFYS3  @BrianSutter2 @jackiepomeroy

Will #Vergara Change Schools? - @DanaGoldstein - @TheAtlanticEDU http://ht.ly/xT058 

New research finds that, contrary to fears, NLCB had little impact on enrollment in music courses. http://ht.ly/xK8Au 

Study: White People Think One Black Person's Success Proves Racism Is Over http://ht.ly/xRqGz 

The Case For Dedicated Dads - @TheAtlanticEDU http://ht.ly/xTiNR  by @jesslahey

Boosting student achievement with video games | http://Marketplace.org  http://ht.ly/xTCFL  Dan Abendschein

Do You Want The Truth, Or Do You Just Like Your Story Better? : NPR's Michel Martin http://ht.ly/xTI4k 

Wait, what happened at ISTE? I thought that only happened at other (non-ed) tech conferences.

Five Best Blogs: #Vergara Decision Triggers #CommonCoreDelay

The Vergara decision came down -- largely in favor of the student plaintiffs -- but then the Gates Foundation came out with a statement in support of a Common Core delay (in terms of high-stakes implications), seeming to catch everyone by surprise:

Did @gatesed @drvickip et al not realize that #Vergara was coming down today, or not care, or not believe that they could wait?

"A blanket delay is not appropriate for all states," says @CCSSO's @minnichc in response to @gatesed call for #commoncoredelay.

Still no word from @ArneDuncan on #commoncoredelay statement from @gatesed, pro or con, or what would be required to implement.

#Vergara judge: "“The evidence is compelling. Indeed, it shocks the conscience." via @StephanieSimon_ http://ht.ly/xQNWK 

College presidents express support for Common Core - Newsday http://ht.ly/xQJqY

How much Bill Gates’s disappointing small-schools effort really cost - @valeriestrauss http://ht.ly/xQlwu 

A Black Father's Search for a Diverse Preschool - Education Week http://ht.ly/xF2s5 

@AP: BREAKING: Police: Shooter used rifle in fatal attack at Oregon high school; teacher injured.

Five Best Blogs: It's All About Education In DC Mayor's Race

Ravitch call for Congressional hearings on #gatescommoncore gets Liz Lemon eye roll from @mdawriter

MD teachers probably not leaving because of CCSS or new TVAL requirements, says @chadaldeman @EducationNext http://ht.ly/xNB2v 

2014 elections: Schools spotlighted in D.C. mayoral race - http://POLITICO.com  http://ht.ly/xN4Vj 

Life Is an Implementation Problem - Education Next : Education Next http://ht.ly/xNATu  @rhess99

Why Aren’t More Schools Using Free, Open Resources? | MindShift http://ht.ly/xNBAh  @mindshiftKQED 

Teacher Benefits Still Eating Away at District Spending - @EducationNext http://ht.ly/xCV6g 

Alexandra Sollberger leaving House ed committee to join Podesta, notes @MaggieSeverns at @Morning_Edu

Meet The Next 20 Genius Kids Getting $100,000 To Ditch College | FastCo http://ht.ly/xMSdw 

Five Best Blogs [Of The Day]: Looking Ahead To Spring 2015 Testing

Less Than Half of U.S. Students Slated to Take PARCC, Smarter Balanced Tests - EdWeek ht.ly/xIII1

Reuters: NC Poised To Reject Common Core Education Standards ht.ly/xIzc6

IPads, Galaxys, and other devices are becoming staples of special-ed classrooms - Slate @GailNRobinson ht.ly/xIz46

Shanker Institute's Leo Casey explains why Obama team "Keep Getting It Wrong" on Ed Policy? ht.ly/xzleC

The interdependence of strong authorizers and great school operators - Alex Medler ht.ly/xIMEx

Once a Welder, Now a Teacher | TNTP ht.ly/xIKH0

It typically takes 9 years for Master's degrees to begin paying off, says Matt Chingos in Education Next ht.ly/xIJUT


Five Best Blogs: All The Great Stuff You're Missing On Twitter

The Anti-Vaccine & Common Core Standards Paradox - Medium http://ht.ly/xuMsl  Why "being right" isn't enough.

What Does A Good Common Core Lesson Look Like? : NPR Ed : NPR http://ht.ly/xCzUj 

Audio: 3 Teachers Tell Us Why They’ve Left The Classroom http://ht.ly/xuKUv  2 @onpointradio

College Media Coverage of the UC Santa Barbara Shootings | Longreads http://ht.ly/xuLhH 

GAO: Promise Neighborhoods Promotes Collaboration but Needs National Evaluation Plan http://ht.ly/xDjG4 

Adult Learning Innovations Take Root at MIT | EdSurge News http://ht.ly/xD3GV 

Low passing scores on New York Common Core Algebra Test | The Daily Caller http://ht.ly/xDjE1  @ericowensDC

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch - Pacific Standard http://ht.ly/xuKPb  Affordable vs. nutritious (vs politics)


Five Best Blogs [Of The Day]: For Top Teachers, Districts Hire Early

For Top Teachers, Hire Early | TNTP ht.ly/xAq0K

Vergara v. California: The Most Important Court Case You’ve Never Heard Of - The Daily Beast ht.ly/xzk0A @campbellbrown

Tom Kane: Overcoming the Legacy of Incremental Education Reform | Brookings Institution ht.ly/xrciv

Obama seeks legacy of Internet in every school | TheHill ht.ly/xzvK4

Textbook Rental Company Chegg Acquires Tutoring Website For $30 Million ht.ly/xAqwu

Chicago, DC, & Charter Financial Accountability ht.ly/xAqA0

"The [dispalced] animosity toward charter schools in Chicago is so red hot you can almost feel it." ht.ly/xtxEZ Sun Times edit

Steve Early on Labor Reporting: ‘Unions Can Be Thin-Skinned About Criticism’ - Working In These Timesht.ly/xAqNt


Five Best Blogs (Of The Day): Can Zuckerberg Do Better With Bay Area?


Zuckerberg Aims To Avoid Newark Pitfalls http://ht.ly/xxrJD  Reuters via HuffPost

7 of 12 states with elected state supes have elections up for grabs this year, reports @andrewujifusa http://ht.ly/xwvRj 

SEC Charges Chicago's UNO Charter Network w/ Defrauding Investors http://ht.ly/xxh8r 

Reform movement is "too white to do any good," says @andreperryedu http://ht.ly/xxwd1  Ditto for reform critics, right?

Community engagement is a euphemism for “how to deal with black folk” | Hechinger Report http://ht.ly/xqQs5 

Science Fairs are great photo ops, but why's STEM moving so slowly? asks NatJournal's @fawnjohnson http://ht.ly/xwh6i 

LAUSD and the Political Brouhaha That Needs Your Attention Now! http://ht.ly/xqOEF 

Are the Common Core Standards Voluntary? | @mrpabruno http://ht.ly/xxlRw 

Five Best Blogs: Districts Experimenting With Longer Classroom Hours

Districts are experimenting with longer classroom hours—students and teachers seem to love it. @TheAtlanticEDU ht.ly/xrryj

What We Talk About When We Talk About Reparations : New Yorker ht.ly/xrrp0 Reformers & critics both seem to be avoiding this!

A High-School Diploma Is Pretty Much Useless These Days ht.ly/xmeea

Taking charter school practices to the public schools | Profit of Education ht.ly/xme1k

Buzzfeed Exclusive: Student Data Will Be Protected In ConnectEDU Bankruptcy ht.ly/xscIB @Molly_HC

A progressive challenger to Governor Cuomo emerges - Vox ht.ly/xsd5V -- Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout

DOD gives VA hospitals respite from unrealistic 14-day patient visit expectation = waiver! ht.ly/xl66n



Five Best Blogs: 10 States Now Limit Role Of Tenure In Layoff Decisions

Flickr-Sean WintersNumber of states reducing tenure factor in layoff decisions up to 10 - @ecs via @Morning_Edu ht.ly/x9AI5 #maybelibbywasright?

Don't blame measurements for cheating - Voxht.ly/x7pGs @mattyglesias slams @chrislhayes on VA and other "juking" instances

Yesterday, EdWeek reported the #parentrigger dead. Today Politico reports its effects in LAUSD ht.ly/x9Als@AndrewUjifusa

Newark mayor Ras Baraka tries to wrest back control of the city’s schools - Slate ht.ly/x9sDa

In Florida, Common Core transforms science, social studies and even gym | Hechinger Report ht.ly/x92mZ

How will the AFT and NEA deal with SEIU's involvement in edreform, asks @dropoutnationht.ly/x91Wb

Rahm Is an Ass-Kicker—But Don’t Confuse His Personality With His Politics @whet ht.ly/x8MIl

Wait, Why Are 'Urban' Kids Excluded from This School Meals Program in the GOP Budget? - The Wire ht.ly/x7qmt

Image via Flickr.

Five Best Blogs: All The Best Posts And Links Of The Day

It's back! For today, at least. #5BB Forever:

Now there are 24 states planning on using neither PARCC nor SBAC, ccording to this new EdWeek mapht.ly/x6Xyu

Are Common-Core Conspiracy Theories Drowning Out Real Issues? - Education Week Teacher ht.ly/x6EsP

Here’s how much your high school grades predict your future salary - WashPost ht.ly/x6KRy

Democratic think tank official calls Chicago union @CTULocal1 "foolish" to fight #CommonCore - Chicago Sun-Times ht.ly/x3pnj

Both sides say New Jersey's new tenure hearings working - pressofAtlanticCity.com: Education ht.ly/x3p4ivia Chalkbeat?

Weekend Reading: Good Stuff From The New Republic, Pacific Standard, LA Weekly

Take a look at stories from weeklies and other sites I check on weekends -- and feel free to suggest other sites or stories I might have missed:

Here's What's Wrong With Teaching "Grit," KIPP-Style - a Carleton Professor in The New Republic http://ht.ly/wHob6  @KIPP

A Startup [Quad Learning] Gives Community Colleges An Elite Makeover http://ht.ly/wHnfI  @Molly_HC

PolitiFact's Top 5 most popular fact-checks for April 2014 incl #CommonCore, debunks several myths http://ht.ly/wIXyE  thanks, @LouisCK

“’If I Suspend Them, I Can’t Teach Them.’” @PacificStand http://ht.ly/wHnbJ 

Let's Talk About Diversity and Prejudice in America's Public Schools - @PacificStand http://ht.ly/wHnaq 

Duncan, Haslam to address 400 @EdWriters at Vanderbilt | Times Free Press http://ht.ly/wHoNF 

Inside LA’s ‘Teacher Jail’ | The Nation http://ht.ly/wHmXP  450 #LAUSD teachers @LASchoolReport @laweekly

Audio: Teachers Union President Weingarten to Seek Reelection - @BloombergRadio http://ht.ly/wHnsN 


Weekend Reading: 12,000 Teachers Recently Hired, Says US Jobs Report

My weekend roundup is much shorter than usual this Monday -- and my Klout score went up as a result (tells you all about Klout):

Jobs report says we added [hired] 12,000 teachers this month - Vox http://ht.ly/wtldL  Plus 1300 state ed jobs

Putting Elizabeth Warren in the White House won't save liberalism - Vox http://ht.ly/wtla2  "an airy, immature, dream-like approach"

Hundreds of School Districts Have Been Ignoring Desegregation Orders http://ht.ly/wtpcP 

On the Brink in Brownsville - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/wtqyL  Life in one of America's poorest neighborhoods

Liberal Outside Money Groups Match Conversatives in NC - ProPublica http://ht.ly/wtq5q 

From Jay Mathews: Giving aid and comfort to great teachers: The Common Core standards give big ideas more polit...

Private and public school kids share life stories -- NYT Inequality Issue http://ht.ly/wtqDt 

Mixed Report for Race to the Top Education Grants - Wall Street Journal - http://WSJ.com  http://ht.ly/wtj24 

Anything else you came across over the weekend that should be included?  Let us know in comments or via Twitter (@alexanderrusso).

Weekend Reading: Best Education-Related Articles You Probably Missed

Twitter is "scheduling" my weekend updates so they're not all yet published, but here are some good things for you to make sure you've seen:

15 Years After Columbine, Are Schools Any Safer? - WNYC http://ht.ly/vXfag 

Every week, I wish/pretend that @onthemedia focused on education: ROBOTS! (and artificial intelligence) http://ht.ly/vXmj6  

Including the Young and the Rich - NYTimes.com http://ht.ly/vZKpj via @sreckhow

Occupational licensing is replacing labor unions and exacerbating inequality - Vox http://ht.ly/vXf9w 

How Educators Can Protect Students’ Data from Security Breaches | MindShift http://ht.ly/vXmDI  #heartbleed!

Republicans See Political Wedge in Common Core - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/vYxny 

From Jay Mathews: Stuck on a college wait list? Here’s what you should do.: Wait lists are getting longer, but... http://wapo.st/1joyhiY 

Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Here's a bunch of stories from magazines and blogs that I tweeted out over the weekend while you were having a real life (or whatever it is you do during the weekend):


Nearly half of strong Dems believe Common Core will help, & nearly 2/3 of moderate Dems [49 pct/64pct] http://ht.ly/vIxHJ 

Parents Aren't as Afraid of #CommonCore as Conservatives Are - The Wire http://ht.ly/vIxwR  @aritbenie

Roughly 2.5M students have already taken Common Core field tests, reports Vox @libbyanelson http://ht.ly/vIB7c  @CCSSO

Fix, don’t remove, Common Core | http://www.ajc.com  http://ht.ly/vITfh 

Opting out of standardized tests? Wrong Answer — Medium http://ht.ly/vIzQy  ICYMI @MichelleRhee @StudentsFirst

Colbert flunks Common Core test -- @Morning_Edu notes errors including faux CC testing item http://ht.ly/vIxWP 


Liberal think tank notes ineq distribution of experienced/effective teachers (does not blame charters/TFA) http://ht.ly/vKbw3 

Segregation Now: 60 Years After Brown v. Board - ProPublica http://ht.ly/vIBDf  Premiers Thursday 4/17


Sour Patch Teachers: "An Admonishment for Veteran Educators" — @raetaulbee Medium http://ht.ly/vIzSF 

Why Teachers Need To [Get Better At] Political Action — Medium http://ht.ly/vIzZf  @BluffCityEd

Can NYSUT "move their union away from politics as usual?" Andrew Elrod Jacobin http://ht.ly/vKd37 

Pay-for-performance, merit pay, bonuses and worker productivity: Research roundup Harvard Shorenstein Center http://ht.ly/vIzyQ 

                                                                                                                        Lots more below -- it was a good weekend.

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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Because sometimes the best stuff comes in over the weekend:

How the Poor Won the New York Tax War -- New York Mag http://ht.ly/uStxQ Hint: $4M a year from @NYSUT @UFT

4 Millions Of Kid in 36 States To Test New Education Assessments http://ht.ly/uSs67  @khefling

Arne Duncan: all-powerful, un-stoppbable -- @learningmatters profiles EdSec http://ht.ly/uSzBd 

Parent trigger school gets high marks on parent survey [commissioned by @parentrev ] - San Bernardino Sun http://ht.ly/uSLvi 

Education in California: Dance of the lemons | The Economist http://ht.ly/uSsYq  #vergara @TeacherBeat

Conference of Mayors Urges E-Rate Reform -- THE Journal http://ht.ly/uSuU6 

How a radical caucus took over Chicago's teacher's union, by Jacobin's @micauetricht http://ht.ly/uSukO  @CTULocal1

What’s the ‘Sweet Spot’ of Difficulty For Learning? | MindShift http://ht.ly/uSvFN 

Which Side Is Your [Teachers'] Pension On? | Jacobin http://ht.ly/uSyTy  @arotherham @MichaelPetrilli

Obama's view of black culture isn't all that different from Paul Ryan's, says @tanehisi http://ht.ly/uSA0M 

The limits of data [journalism] via New Republic http://ht.ly/uSzy0 

Oh, no! Matt Damon caught using inaccurate (outdated) child health stats on TV PolitiFact http://ht.ly/uSxAk 

From Jay Mathews: Why most people, including me, like homework http://wapo.st/1jrUbne 



Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

The ‘Kansas Revolution’ And School Funding Equity | @onpointradio Tom Ashbrook http://ht.ly/uDGBZ  [277 comments so far]

How to Teach the Standards Without Becoming Standardized | MindShift http://ht.ly/uDGx1  @mindshiftKQED

The SAT Prep Industry Isn't Going Anywhere - James S. Murphy - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/uDGg4 

Project-based learning is to traditional learning as driving a car is to watching someone drive, writes @et3isme http://ht.ly/uDJDl 

The Revolution Is Not Being MOOC-ized - Slate http://ht.ly/uDIGO  Students are educated, employed, and male.

Is One Laptop Per Child [OLPC] Dead? Sorta -- but not entirely - THE Journal http://ht.ly/uDHOC 

Why'd @foreffectivegov leave USDE out of its FOIA report card report - how would compare to 15 other agencies? http://ht.ly/uDLoI 

Outside nonprofit issues FOIA Report Card Letter Grades for 15 Agencies [But Not @USDE @ArneDuncan ] - On The Media http://ht.ly/uDL1G 

"Trigger Warnings" Have Spread from Blogs to College Classes. That's Bad | New Republic http://ht.ly/uDMS6  [see also @onthemedia]

It's A Shame the New SAT Will Do Away with 'SAT Words' writes @juliafisher in | The New Republic http://ht.ly/uDMsl  @smarick!!

@SXSWEDU "brings in interesting thinkers but doesn’t let them debate the big ideas," says Nation's @RaRapoport http://ht.ly/uDKm8 

Huffington Post blogger’s case for banning hand-held devices for children: missing scientific proof. http://ht.ly/uDK2M 

KAPPAN CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS, 2014-15 http://ht.ly/uDK1z 

Weekend Reading: Best Ed Articles You Probably Missed

It's pretty amazing how much good education news and commentary comes out over the weekend (or gets missed by me and others during the week). Some recent examples:

The Common Core in NY NYT editorial http://ht.ly/tHSKm  "Missteps aside, the state cannot afford to let this project founder."

"Most parents don't have a public school option that's as good" as Mayor de Blasio, notes Eva Moscowitz in WSJ http://ht.ly/tENJq 

AASA Report on Supe Salaries Reveals Disparity Between Pay for Men and Women -- THE Journal http://ht.ly/tFWWk 

Students lose in latest #LAUSD board turf war - LA Times editorial  http://ht.ly/tIjKJ @aspire@calcharters

Evidence mounting that medication for ADHD doesn't make a lasting difference to schoolwork or achievement. Nature http://ht.ly/tEbBG 

Charter schools: Charter schools are working, but New York’s mayor wants to stop them The Economist http://ht.ly/tFVHi 

School Improvement Grant Report Revised, Still Shows One-Third Of Schools' Scores Decreased http://ht.ly/tEZmS 

From Jay Mathews: High school course too tough for you? That’s good.: D.C. schools show major strides on AP ex... http://wapo.st/1bbBhkX 

Still not enough?  Good.  There's more below.

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