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Numbers: Education Funding Goes Down Even As Enrollments Go Up

Curious why states and districts are so upset with the notion of having to reallocate funding in order to remain eligible for ESSA? According to FiveThirtyEight, state funding has gone down nearly 7 percent since 2008, and student spending over all has gone down over 2 percent during the same period -- even as enrollments have increased (a bit).


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Less funding for college while enrollment increases is just another indication that college is a business. The peasants have been trained to empty their life savings for the dubious value of a college degree. There is no need for other funding sources when the paying public will do what they need to to pay the ever rising tuition. This is not to say that some who earn/buy a degree
does not get to use it for entry into a good paying job. Some do, just like some buyers of lottery tickets go home with the gold.

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