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Quotes: School Integration's Many Benefits For Kids

Quotes2When kids are exposed to children who are different than them, whether it’s along racial lines or economic lines, that contact between different groups reduces the willingness of kids to make stereotypes and generalizations about other groups... It also reduces anxiety because a lot of prejudice grows out of fear of the unknown and feeling anxious when you’re around different people because you’ve never had that experience before.

-- Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education in US News (Racial Tensions Flare as Schools Resegregate)


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I feet that raising my kids in southern California has been a real plus for them. No one is different to them. Race, religion, color of skin are not something that my kids associate with at all. These are their friends that they have grown up with. Be open to new people and show your kids the same.

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