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Afternoon Video: Amendments to Democratic Platform Anger Reformers

Watch the platform committee meeting from last weekend above, thanks to Valerie Strauss, who appears to be the only media person covering the debate very closely.

As Strauss has posted, the platform was changed over the weekend in ways that pleased the AFT and its allies and displeased DFER among others:

"Democratic negotiators led by Troy LaRaviere, an outspoken Chicago educator who was pushed out of his job as principal of an elementary school by the school district leadership; Chuck Pascal, a Sanders delegate from Pennsylvania; and Christine Kramar, a Nevada delegate, worked to win agreement on key changes to the original language. They got help from American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who has been a longtime supporter of Clinton’s, and some of their changes were adopted with little dissent."

Politics K-12 has a bit about the extent of the changes to the earlier drafts of the platform, as well as the 2012 platform language.

And DFER has posted its own transcript of the debate, in which Chicago's Troy Laravierre, Randi Weingarten and other reform critics appear.

Were any reform allies present, or even eligible to be present? Did DFER and others try to get amendments presented to bolster its positions?

Also, were any of the many education reporters out there covering the event, in person or online, and if not why not?  The Sanders-inspired changes to the platform (and the Clinton stump speech) seemed to warrant media attention, so it's curious that this debate is receiving so little attention.

Charts: Overconfident Parents

Here's the latest evidence that parents' beliefs about how well their schools are doing educating their children differ from NAEP performance evidence.

Quotes: The Impact Of Affluent Parents On Mixed-Income Schools

Quotes2Small groups of advantaged parents, many of them members of parent organizations... often push for programs that would benefit their own children and not necessarily the kids of less means. When these parents don’t get what they want, they often make calls to someone higher up than the principal, such as the superintendent, to flex their muscle—something lower-income parents rarely do.
- Allyson Criner Brown, the associate director at the nonprofit Teaching for Change, paraphrased in The Atlantic (The Tricky Politics of PTAs in Gentrifying Communities)

Morning Video: Teaching Civics & Campaign 2016

"The 2016 election mudslinging from “crooked” Hillary Clinton and “dangerously incoherent” Donald Trump has even piqued the interest of teens — and made teaching high school civics that much more difficult. So it’s time to get creative, which one 12th grade government teacher has done with his ‘scandals, lies and incivility’ curriculum. " via PBS NewsHour (Explaining the ‘scandals, lies and incivility’ of the 2016 election to teens)

AM News: DFER Objects To DNC Platform Changes, &

Democrats make education revisions to 2016 platform — and DFER is furious – Washington Post ow.ly/AuYP302aWBr

New Survey Finds Education is Top Political Issue for Young Americans  blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaig…

See also Associated Press ow.ly/Hua9302cDmI

Explaining the ‘scandals, lies and incivility’ of the 2016 election to teens  feedproxy.google.com/~r/NewshourHea…

Nevada accepts $1.8M settlement over student testing program | Las Vegas Review-Journal ow.ly/ake8302cECd

SF principals defy school board, hire Teach for America recruits – San Francisco Chronicle ow.ly/GqBR302b0Vn

8 candidates, 4 seats: A preview of the Minneapolis school board race minnpost.com/education/2016…

How many Massachusetts students are on charter school waitlists? About 32,646, state says | masslive.com ow.ly/oufz302b2GA

Christie school aid plan ‘the antithesis of fairness,’ group says | NJ.com ow.ly/twNb302b5zM

Charter School Company Blasts “Shameless” California Attorney General  buzzfeed.com/mollyhensleycl…

When Finnish students visit an American high school, it’s mutual admiration washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

After big splash, scaled-back Rocketship still finding its way – Milwaukee JS pllqt.it/0Jci0X

Morning Video: Strong Results (Again) For "Becoming A Man"

"A new study finds a program that works with at-risk young men in Chicago schools reduced overall arrests in the group by 35 percent, violent crime arrests by 50 percent and boosted on-time high school graduation for participants by 19 percent." via WTTW Chicago Public Television (Program for At-Risk Youth Cuts Arrests by 35 Percent)

Charts: States Flee Common Assessments To Save Common Core

image from educationnext.org"As of May 2016, just six states planned to implement the PARCC-designed assessment in the 2016-17 academic year. SBAC ... retains 14 states that plan to use the full test." via Education Next.

AM News: State Testing Changes, Low-Paid Teachers, Integration

The people taking care of American children live in poverty latimes.com/local/educatio…

Beyond Integration: How Teachers Can Encourage Cross-Racial Friendships npr.org/sections/ed/20…

Illinois high schools replacing PARCC with SAT | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/1nJO3029akD

Las Vegas teachers miss more classes than teachers across US | Las Vegas Review-Journal pllqt.it/z2DMJB

Star Tribune sues Minneapolis Public Schools for information strib.mn/29KTlVY

D.C. school lottery may cause parental anxiety, but it’s a research gold mine washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

In Texas, Schools Struggle As Oil Revenues Dry Upwnyc.org/story/texas-sc…

National TV Ad to Educate on Transgender Discrimination - ABC News - abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/n… via @ABC

Days after police-involved shootings, protests continue - USA Today ow.ly/BR9c302a5A1

Portland Public Schools Civil Rights Complaint opb.org/radio/programs…

A Tale of Two Schools & the decisions that keep them segregated. wbez.org/shows/wbez-new…


Afternoon Video: "White Boy Privilege" (From An Atlanta 8th Grader)

"In a video being widely circulated on Twitter on Monday morning, Royce Mann, an eighth grade student from Atlanta, is shown performing a slam poem titled “White Boy Privilege.” Across the social network, the video is being celebrated as the definition of responsible self-analysis by a white American at a time when racial tensions seem to be ever-increasing." via Fusion (Royce Mann’s white privilege poem goes viral)

Quotes: "It Took Me A While To See Past Race."

Quotes2Like many white people, my only experience of institutions was majority white. And so there was a learning curve for me. I was a little uncomfortable the first day of kindergarten. I saw black families – I didn’t see individuals. I saw Hispanic families … It took me a while to see past race, in a way, if that makes any sense, and to see that these were potential friends for me, these were potential allies, mom friends.

- Brooklyn parent and author Lucinda Rosenfeld, talking with WNYC's Rebecca Caroll and the NYT's Nikole Hannah-Jones at a recent panel on school segregation (What role should parents play in promoting integration?). Rosenfeld's next novel, about a white mom choosing a majority-minority school for her child, comes out early next year. 

Events: Kozol, Hagopian, & Other Reform Critics Meet In DC Without Matt Damon

Reform critics including Jesse Hagopian and Jonathan Kozol (pictured above, via Twitter) met over the weekend. In this picture, Hagopian carries a sign that reads "Black Lives Matter To Teachers."

A quick scan of the #Peoplesmarch16 hashtag shows that Diane Ravitch was there, too.  Some of the event was livestreamed here.

For a variety of reasons -- police killings, Clinton adoption of Sanders positions on college tuition (among other things), lack of clarity among reform critics about what to do next -- the event's supporters do not appear to have garnered support or coverage in nearly the same amounts as previous versions. 

As far as I can tell, no major elected officials or candidates were there, or celebrities. (Way back in 2011, you may recall, Matt Damon appeared.)

The only coverage of the event I've seen is from the Valerie Strauss blog: ‘For black lives to matter, black #education has to matter.’

I'm also curious about reform critics who were in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, or other places over the weekend, during which #BlackLivesMatter protests were being held.

Maps: Las Vegas Teachers Absent More Than State/National Averages

Check out the absentee rates around massive Clark County, Nevada, and read the story here


Morning Video: McKesson Arrested During Weekend Protests

The Washington Post has a roundup of footage from the protests and the arrest of Deray Mckesson over the weekend. I know that some education activists were in DC, but presumably there were other education advocates in Baton Rouge and the Twin Cities over the weekend, too.

AM News: BlackLives Protests, Online Charter Lawsuit, Seattle De-Tracks

CA settles with online charter accused of financial violations - LA Timesow.ly/8jf43026vVg

Fears over Common Core were unfounded, officials say | The Ohio Daily Standard Archive ow.ly/E1Wn3026qnd

On Aspire test, 68% hit mark in English - Arkansas Online ow.ly/mU7J3026qiU

ESSA accountability comments pour in - POLITICO ow.ly/wdtw30245Gv

Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Aide Indicted Over Education Nonprofit - WSJ ow.ly/M6hl3027DiI

Why Massachusetts is rethinking its strict English immersion law for schools pri.org/stories/2016-0…

Why High School Students Need More Than College Prep npr.org/sections/ed/20…

Some Seattle schools end ‘tracking’ in push for equity and success | The Seattle Times ow.ly/qaf93027CaJ

Black Lives Matter Activist Mckesson Released From Jail abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/b…

Goodwill is opening a D.C. charter school to help adults get a high school diploma washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

The inspiring way hundreds of Asian Americans are teaching their families about Black Lives Matter - ow.ly/v0ND3026EQ1

People: St. Paul Magnet School Parents Mourn Philando Castile

This image from the memorial service for Philando Castile has been shared thousands of times in the past day or so.

Afternoon Video: "We've Got No Time For These Education Wars"

Via Politico. Click here if video doesn't display.

Maps: Nearly 200 "Island" Districts Segregate School Communities

Reform critics like to talk about big social issues like poverty, or focus on reform challenges like racial segregation in charter schools, but downplay ignore structural issues in public education like school assignment policies and district boundaries.

It's not just attendance zones and school assignment policies within districts that contribute to segregation and school inequality. According to a new report from EdBuild, school district boundaries themselves play a dramatic role in "segregating communities and separating low-income kids from educational opportunity." The most vivid examples of this effect are "island" districts entirely surrounded by other school districts of vastly different means.

"The way we fund schools in the United States creates incentives for communities to segregate along socioeconomic lines in order to preserve local wealth. In so doing, communities create arbitrary borders that serve to lock students into, or out of, opportunity. This reality is especially glaring in the case of island school districts that are entirely surrounded by single districts of very different means."

While there are nearly 200 examples nationwide, the report highlights examples in Oakland, Freehold NJ, and Columbus OH.


Maps: State Prison Spending Increases Outpace Education Spending By 63-668 Percent


"While prison spending has risen three times as quickly as school spending nationally, in some states the disparities are far greater. In Colorado, prison spending rose five times faster than school spending. Prison spending grew six times more quickly in South Dakota and seven times in Wyoming. In Texas, where the disparity is greatest, prison spending grew at nearly eight times the rate as school spending."

From the Washington Post (The states that spend more money on prisoners than college students)

Quotes: Clinton Addresses Non-School Factors

Quotes2So much of what happens inside your classrooms is determined by what happens outside your classrooms. … You see students coming to school hungry, or exhausted from a long night at a shelter. … Let’s not ignore the weight of the problems that these little kids bring on their little shoulders to school every day. We need to tackle all the problems holding our kids back.

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in address at NEA convention, quoted in Slate (The Teachers' Candidate)

AM News: MN Community Mourns Police Killing Of Beloved Cafeteria Worker

‘He knew the kids and they loved him': MN shooting victim was an adored school cafeteria manager - Washington Post ow.ly/UhIT3021It3

Philando Castile was a role model to hundreds of kids, colleagues say - TIME ti.me/29qfYPS

Sen. Alexander's NEA Award Caps Recent Political Alliance blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaig…

House rejects proposal to revive year-round Pell grantswashingtonpost.com/news/grade-poi… 

Minnesota Board of Teaching Held in Contempt of Court blogs.edweek.org/edweek/teacher…

Job Training Works. So Why Not Do More? nytimes.com/2016/07/06/bus…

How Chicago School Construction Furthers Race and Class Segregation wbez.org/shows/wbez-new…

UCLA, UC Berkeley boost admissions of Californians, including blacks and Latinos - LA Times ow.ly/EClD3022lGe

LA Parents Pay Dearly to Be Near Good Schools | L.A. Weekly pllqt.it/ObV4lf

How one inner-city Indianapolis private school is bringing kids together | Chalkbeat ow.ly/cA6T3021YJo

Berlin school turns teaching upside down | World news | The Guardian pllqt.it/vPOOKb


Quotes: "No One Does" What NJ Gov. Christie Is Proposing

Quotes2No one does that right now... The main reason is it disproportionately benefits wealthy school districts.

ECS school finance expert Mike Griffith (Christie school plan: 'No one does that right now,' critic says)

#BlackLivesMatter: White Minnesota Cop Kills Black School Worker

image from img.washingtonpost.comAccording to available reports, the latest highly-publicized death of a black man by a white police officer involves a Twin Cities school cafeteria worker named Philando Castile:

"One woman at the scene said Castile was a cook and kitchen supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in St. Paul. The St. Paul elementary school’s website lists Castile as the cafeteria supervisor." (Protesters target Governor’s Residence after fatal police shooting).

"Clarence Castile, Philando’s uncle, said his nephew had worked in the J.J. Hill school cafeteria for 12 to 15 years, “cooking for the little kids.” He said his nephew was “a good kid” who grew up in St. Paul and also lived in Minneapolis for a time." (Aftermath of fatal Falcon Heights officer-involved shooting on video).

The incident took place away from school, during a traffic stop. Some of it was broadcast on Facebook

Other highly-publicized videos that have involved students or schools include a white South Carolina school police officer grabbing an African-American student by the neck last fall, and an officer manhandling a black teenage girl in McKinney Texas. 



Morning Video: At Aspen, Civil Rights In The 21st Century

There wasn't much education talk at the Aspen Ideas festival this year, compared to previous years, but here's a panel on civil rights from the festival held recently. See #AspenIdeas for more. 

AM News: Clinton Borrows Sanders College Ideas, NEA Demands Say In Clinton Appointment

NEA Demands Say Over Qualifications for U.S. Education Secretary - Teacher Beat - Education Week ow.ly/vua43020Kvw

Clinton Embraces Ideas From Bernie Sanders’s College Tuition Plan nytimes.com/2016/07/07/us/…

See also: Hillary Clinton Unveils Debt-Free College For All, Adopting Major Bernie Sanders Plank huffingtonpost.com/2016/07/06/hil…

Education Department Continues to Prod States to Rethink Testing | US News ow.ly/iw9H3020Kud

See also: Obama administration proposes new rules for K-12 standardized testing washingtonpost.com/news/education…

Md. testing commission urges local districts to take a close look at their exams washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

Most Tennessee Schools Will Stick With Paper Testing For Another Year | Nashville Public Radio ow.ly/Rzxa3020L4p

Where Kids With Special Needs Stand a Good Chance at Passing the State Tests wnyc.org/story/where-sp…

Pop Culture: SF Theater Troupe Mimes School Reform Critique

Check out the promo above, or read an SF Gate review (mixed) here. Via Caroline Grannan.

Campaign 2016: Hillary & Lily

Here's the current top Tweet on #NEARA16, showing candidate Clinton and NEA head Eskelsen Garcia. Other highlights include an appearance from "Scandal" hearthrob Tony Goldwyn. 

Morning Video: "Defending The Early Years" (From School Reform)


"As kindergarten and pre-k have become more academically rigorous, some worry that the very youngest students may be missing out on crucial development through abundant playtime. But other educators believe setting high expectations for achievement helps kids, especially low-income students, excel. " From PBS NewsHour. Set at Mission Hill. Cameo from Matt Damon's mom -- and Fordham's Robert Pondiscio.

AM News: Teachers Cheer & Boo Clinton At NEA Rally

Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Talks Education at NEA Convention - The Atlantic ow.ly/5QOT301YrR3

Teachers union cheers Clinton for stance on standardized testing and pay, but boos her embrace of charters wapo.st/29lYG5t

Clinton's charter school comments prompt boos at teachers union event politico.com/story/2016/07/…

Hillary Clinton to NEA: If I Win, Educators Will Have a Partner in the White House blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaig…

LAUSD inks deal to avoid 'parent trigger' or lawsuit at southeast LA elementary school scpr.org/news/2016/07/0…

See also: After months of negotiations, a nonprofit will manage 20th Street Elementary School latimes.com/local/educatio…

Texas Announces Hundreds of Schools Receiving Pre-K Grants | The Texas Tribune ow.ly/uVMG301YsvF

Small Steps, but No Major Push, to Integrate New York’s Schools nytimes.com/2016/07/06/nyr…

NYC charter group claims its schools are more overcrowded than city schools in same buildings nydn.us/29eqWZQ

Cloning great schools is latest in long line of L.A. reform plans latimes.com/local/educatio…

Afternoon Video: Clinton Addresses NEA Convention


Here's Clinton's speech. Click here if it doesn't load properly. Go to #NEARA16 for all the twitter action.

Charts: PA Funding Formula Benefits Declining Districts

"Of the 100 districts that receive the most per-pupil funding from the state, the overwhelming majority have residents who spend below the state average when it comes to the share of personal income that goes to local property taxes for schools." (The story of Pennsylvania's per-pupil school funding

Morning Listen: A Visit To St. Louis' Obama Elementary School

AM: Court Rules Against MA Common Core Ballot Question, Plus NEA, Newark, & More

Court Rules Question To End Common Core Can’t Be On Ballot « CBS Boston ow.ly/4ZeK301VWF0

Court Tosses Massachusetts Common Core Ballot Question blogs.edweek.org/edweek/state_e…

Schools are under federal pressure to translate for immigrant parents - The Hechinger Report ow.ly/D8S3301VWPd

Principal resignations rise under Rahm; 42 in past school year | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/Cu1P301VWGO

Newark Schools Face New Test - WSJ ow.ly/Nc4s301VW4l

One Of The Nation's Poorest Districts (Syracuse NY) Has Found A Way To Help Immigrant Students huffingtonpost.com/2016/07/01/syr…

NEA Convention 2016: What to Expect blogs.edweek.org/edweek/teacher…

What's Hillary Clinton's Record on Teachers? blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaig…

More Rules, Little Transparency, in City's Patrolling of Toxic Schools wnyc.org/story/more-rul…

TGIF: Best Education Journalism Of The Week (Ending July 1, 2016)


Seattle Times: Garfield High principal navigates racial divide pllqt.it/UhslkY

Reveal: Who got rich off the student debt crisis ow.ly/1N9j301MkBf

NPR: Looking For Change, Teachers Hit The Campaign Trail ow.ly/jeAm301KISK

Chalkbeat TN: Months of missteps leading up to disastrous online testing debut  http://ow.ly/S7Up301Qp7s

WSJ: Teachers Union, Hedge Funds War Over Pension Billions ow.ly/e5in301KIDJ

Chalkbeat Indiana: The end of busing in Indianapolis: 35 years later, a more segregated system calls it quits bit.ly/29cevii

Washington Post: With DC Schools head Kaya Henderson leaving, Bowser has a decision to make ow.ly/CPWx301PUcE

Slate: Chris Christie’s shockingly regressive education plan nzzl.us/SoZLxSd

US News: Schools Can’t Accurately Measure Poor Students ow.ly/nbYd301PVEQ


NYT Detroit Charter Story Misleads On Results, Says Researcher ow.ly/vt8g301QEdr

NPR’s Deeply Unbalanced Profile Of Rocketship Charter Schools  ow.ly/2mZu301GtdK

Hardship Reporting Project Needs More School Stories & Contributors Of Color ow.ly/k4zD301IQkO

Media Grants Are Up — But Journalism Grants Aren’t ow.ly/zbB5301Or9O


The Synapse: Is it fair to test students during Ramadan? ow.ly/I0OO301L5TW

Brexit: Fears About Immigrant Students Part Of British Exit Vote

One of the cluster of concerns about immigrants that came up during the lead up to the Brexit vote was school overcrowding. Sounds familiar, right?

Charts: Seattle High School Illustrates Integration/Inequality Problem

Seattle's Garfield High School is integrated in terms of student demographics, but not when it comes to participation in advanced courses (or where students hang out), notes this Seattle Times story.

AM News: What's Next For DC Schools? Plus Seattle, NYC, Indianapolis, Chicago

With Kaya Henderson leaving, Bowser has a decision to make - The Washington Post ow.ly/CPWx301PUcE

The end of busing in Indianapolis: 35 years later, a more segregated system calls it quits bit.ly/29cevii

Garfield High principal navigates racial divide | The Seattle Times pllqt.it/UhslkY

Pittsburgh school directors reviewed report on superintendent's resume for 1 hour before vote | TribLIVE ow.ly/LxTf301PTVw

Schools Can't Accurately Measure Poor Students | US News ow.ly/nbYd301PVEQ

Research is limited on the systemic impact of restorative justice | Education Dive ow.ly/uv1I301OslQ
CPS pays $657 million for pensions, leaving district with $83M | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/DlHs301PV9X
How One Bronx School Got More Parents Involved - WNYC ow.ly/3uIO301PUje
Did the city bet against one of its Renewal schools making progress? Supporters of M.S. 50 in Williamsburg say yes. nyti.ms/293Vcmd

Amid teacher hiring binge, Philly union cries foul - Philadelphia newsworks.org/index.php/educ…

First Teachers Union in Post-Katrina New Orleans Inks Contractblogs.edweek.org/edweek/teacher…

Bellevue schools consider banning many short-term suspensions | The Seattle Times ow.ly/gCfJ301PUDq



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