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AM News: Who Cares About ESSA When There's A $63M HS Football Stadium In Texas

That’s Right: $63 Million for a Football Stadium … for High Schoolers - The New York Times ow.ly/9LNQ3008f0E

New York’s Increase in Pre-K Funding Leads Nation - WSJ ow.ly/GKzk3008ftO

California's schools will soon be on the hook for things like suspensions, attendance and graduation rates - LA Times http://ow.ly/8bOE3008jBy

Enrollment in state-funded preschool inched up in 2014-15 - AP Article ow.ly/vN3w3008faf

A 'borderless' school district with lots of choices: LA's superintendent outlines priorities | 89.3 KPCC ow.ly/mwpv3008f83

Arne Duncan, Priscilla Chan Discuss Next Steps for K-12 Education - Politics K-12 - Education Week ow.ly/e77G3008f6N

N.C. school board caught up in ‘bathroom bill’ debate after voting to okay pepper spray, mace - The Washington Post ow.ly/XFCg3008eXo

These 2 teens with similar backgrounds took very different paths to college - LA Times ow.ly/OYAe3008eQ2


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Re: the LA Times California schools story: families across California and elsewhere in the country should do what we're doing and opt out of state schools until ESSA's testing mandate is shown to be unenforceable and that new law is repealed. The continuation of NCLB's test-based accountability strategy that civil rights Democrats insisted on, in spite of its failure to advance the opportunities available to disadvantaged groups, is a fatal flaw, and states, theoretically sovereign in education under a federal system of government, still do not have the power over educational accountability that exists in educationally superior federations like Switzerland, Germany, and Canada, whose constitutions were inspired by the example long established in American states, whose power has eroded under the 21st century plutocratic, centralizing administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

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