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AM News: Transgender Bathrooms, ESSA Conflict

U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms nyti.ms/1WtMvrd

See also: Reaction To White House Directive On Transgender Bathrooms : NPR ow.ly/6cM2300a7Jc

USDE says it's trying to protect poor children. A senator says they’re trying to break the law. - WashPost ow.ly/Q78T300a7BL

Report: California’s charter schools lag behind traditional schools in graduating students | EdSource ow.ly/b3ar300a8br

CA schools will soon be on the hook for things like suspensions, attendance and graduation rates - LA Times ow.ly/eHlY3008Sc3

LAUSD votes to create thousands more magnet school seats in 2017 - LA Times pllqt.it/YymcSR

LAUSD makes $$ from charters, contradicting @UTLAnow-funded study, docs show.  LA School Report buff.ly/1Nso76y

Va. governor moves to upend traditional high school - The Washington Post ow.ly/29mq300a7ww

DC School Chief's Plea for Contractor Cash Draws Complaint - ABC News ow.ly/Kl5l300a7Py

Principals bracing to lose 20 percent in school budgets | Chicago Sun-Times ow.ly/qo8L300a8i5

More Chicago kids live in 'affluence bubble' than in most U.S. cities - Crain's Chicago Business ow.ly/XBsq300a7xo

Children in disadvantaged neighborhoods more likely to see local schools close. | USAPP pllqt.it/0eRQ4i

NAACP in St. Petersburg calls for Pinellas school superintendent Mike Grego to resign | Tampa Bay Times ow.ly/kJWs3008SeE


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Re: the top three stories listed above, especially that in the Washington Post about ESSA regulation: Senator Alexander played a leading role in creating this mess by giving away too much in side negotiations with the Obama administration in order to get his signature instead of proceeding with a strategy to override his veto, and then by leading the confirmation of John King as secretary of education. The solution will need to come from the bottom up: families, teachers, administrators, and districts will need to push back against the Obama state schools, beginning with families opting out of the test-dominated state schooling he has incentivized until ESSA is shown to be unenforceable and is repealed by the next administration, which should respect, in the manner established by northern European social democracy, the rights of communities to choose the kind of schooling they want without some heavy-handed coterie of group think social knights riding to the rescue of a slim minority of the socially confused, to the point where they threaten the continued unity of these states in America.

Transgender people are members of our families, so the news is much welcome

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