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Event Preview: My #TFA25 Playlist - What's Yours?

DgfsdfgdsfgfThe livestream begins Saturday morning at 9, but the conference officially starts Friday and there's sure to be a ton of Tweeting going on the next few days as #TFA25 ramps up. (Nearly 200 speakers/moderators, all in one Twitter List .)

There are 20 sessions Friday, and another 60 on Saturday -- not nearly enough for all the interest in presenting and speaking at the conference. The Frequently Asked Questions makes clear that TFA was expecting (or experiencing) more demand to present than it could handle using the format it decided.

There's no opening plenary session -- the conference version of a outmoded home page -- or even keynotes. Topics covered at the 2011 summit are being avoided. As a result, "Even very senior/VIP speakers will be sharing a session with other speakers and panelists."

Here's a bit more information about what I'm doing -- or hoping to do (depending on which sessions are full, etc.) -- along with some information about what's going to be livestreamed. Take a look and then let us know what you're going to do.

What's on your #TFA25 wishlist? Or, even better, what are you already signed up for?


On Friday, I'll be participating in an afternoon-long session called "Becoming an Education Influencer on Twitter," which is full of awesome speakers like RiShawn Biddle and Andre Perry.

But if I wasn't already booked, I'd likely want to attend another session called "Allies, Co-Conspirators and Coalition Building: Showing Up for Justice Across Lines of Power." Speakers include Kinnie Clifton, Johnetta Elzie, Sarah Ha, Audrey Harris, Pastor Steve Jerbi, Brittany Packnett, Justin Tandigan, Michael Vargas,...

I'm also doing a short session about education journalism with other reporters including folks from EdSurge and the Chronicle of Higher Education. That's from 3-4 on Friday.


Saturday morning, "A Chorus of Voices: Building Power Together Saturday" looks really good. So does "Shutting Down the School-to-Prison Pipeline," featuring Cami Anderson, Nancy Hanks, Michele Norris, John King, Amy Roza, Claire Blumenson.

Or, catch "Alumni Trailblazers' Perspectives," featuring Liz Willen, Michelle Rhee, John White, Julie Mikuta, Mike Feinberg, Dave Levin


Want to catch LAUSD board member Steve Zimmer? He's scheduled to speak at the 11 AM panel "What should we do when the whole school fails?" in Room: CC - Room 207.

Or, if you want to see Randi Weingarten fresh off the campaign trail, check out "How Do We Address Both Education and Poverty?" along with Cecilia Muñoz & Dr. Howard Fuller.


At noon, there are some tough choices to make. One good option is "Then and Now: The New Civil Rights Agenda and Education," featuring Brittany Packnett, Dr. Michael Lomax, Joyce Ladner, Terrence Roberts, DeRay Mckesson...

Another good bet for the Saturday noon spot is "What role should the federal government play in setting education standards and promoting accountability at a local level?,"  featuring Joe Williams,  Kati Haycock, Dr. Martin West, Alberto Carvalho, Gregory McGinity, Joe Manko.


Then at 1:45 the place to be is watching "Transforming School Structures Through Teacher Leadership: A Denver Public Schools Case Study," in CC - Room 207, featuring your truly, Liz Gorka, Blake Hammond, Jenna Nelson, Susana Cordova, Gerardo Munoz.

Don't care about Denver or teacher leadership? You could go to "Building a Movement: Learning Lessons from Successful Social Change Movements," featuring Michele Norris, Kris Perry, Bob Zellner, Phill Wilson.  

A third good option for the Saturday 1:45 slot might be "Intentionally Diverse Learning Communities," featuring Nikole Hannah-Jones, Kriste Dragon, Bill Kurtz, Jeremy Chiappetta, Julie Goldstein.

Last but not least, there's a Sunday morning networking session for "Critics Not Haters: A community for “TFA People” who engage in thoughtful criticism and seek change in TFA."

You can see which sessions are going to be livestreamed (and presumably recorded for later) here.


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