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Quotes: Obama Official Apologizes In Philadelphia

Quotes2A discussion that began with shared interests and shared values – the importance of learning and growth for all our children – ended up with a lot of teachers feeling attacked and blamed... And when [teachers] disagreed with evaluation systems, it appeared to pit them against those who they cherished most – their students... That was no one's desire. 

-- Acting EdSec John King in US News (King Apologizes for Politicized Education Atmosphere)


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Nonetheless, the Obama administration continues to define "effective teaching" as that which raises test scores in two subjects only as quickly as possible. These people cannot be trusted with test scores, because they consistently make bad inferences with the limited information available to them, and an entire profession has been distorted by their influence. We will need a new administration, one with a leader with a history of actually working with labour unions and therefore one likely to reject the poisonous polarization of teachers vs. students, to clear out this mess, and that should begin with finally removing the federal mandate for annual testing in reading and mathematics, especially in primary schools, so that America can develop a new education system that will not so badly leave our country behind, which is what the Bush and Obama administrations have done.

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