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Quotes: Sen. Warren Voices Concerns About NCLB Rewrite

Quotes2The idea that we would pass a major piece of legislation about education and, in effect, shovel money into states and say 'Do with it what you want', and not have some accountability for how that money is spent, I think, is appalling.

-- MA Senator Elizabeth Warren in NPR (Goodbye, No Child Left Behind)


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There is too much of the failed kind of accountability built into this bill, which should be defeated unless it supports the right of dissenting parents like those in Oregon to opt out of its mistakenly continuing federally mandated annual testing and the test-obsessed schooling it has produced. The biggest problem in American education is not "the concentration of poor and minority children in failing schools", which requires social intervention in housing instead of continued mass testing; it's the fact that in the current century the United States has produced the least competent cohort of young people aged 16-24 in the developed world, according to the OECD's PIAAC. Continuing with George W. Bush's failed social and educational policies is not in order; instead we need to repeal, rather than "fix", No Child Left Behind altogether, which a new presidency led by someone who takes education seriously, rather than entrusting it to an incompetent like Secretary Duncan, should make possible.

While I type the House is overwhelmingly passing the reauthorization, and, the bill is a distinct improvement, the states will now have wide authority ... Elizabeth Warren is incorrect, the thirteen years of federal accountability were a disaster - decisions impacting children are best made by those closest to the children impacted.

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