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Quotes: Clinton Spokesperson Clarifies Candidate's Views On Charters

Quotes2For decades, Hillary Clinton has been a strong supporter of both public charter schools and an unflinching advocate for traditional public schools, their teachers and their students,... [She] wants to be sure that public charter schools, like traditional public schools, serve all students and do not discriminate against students with disabilities or behavioral challenges.

-- Clinton spokesperson Jesse Ferguson in Washington Post (Hillary Clinton wades into the internal Democratic battle over public schools)


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Good for Hillary! For once, she's speaking the truth about charter "schools!"

Hillary Clinton---as we all know---is very smart. She's not saying this about charters---however subtle and nuanced the criticism---because she just realized the facts about charters a week ago Tuesday.

It demonstrates that The Tide Is Turning on School Privatization and its odious "products" such as charters, vouchers, ultra-testing, and its close cousin, CCSS or "Common Core".

Even a year ago, you certainly would NOT be hearing this from the most likely to be elected presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton senses where the momentum is shifting---and like any astute politician she is paying attention to it. And, like any truly educated and intelligent person, when presented with more data and more current information, she changes her mind accordingly.

Look, charters have had one quarter of a century to prove how "superior" they are to public schools and how they're not just a drain on already inadequate public school funding: and they've failed miserably and demonstrably on BOTH counts.

Here's the message for we parents, students and teachers. We're winning---but don't let up. Keep Pressing! We're going to win this war and retain our schools! (Despite the billionaire funded propaganda of charter shills like Alexander Russo!

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