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Maps: States Where StudentsFirst Claims Victories - & What Comes Next

3456hAs you can see from the above map, StudentsFirst may not have been involved in electoral campaigns but it's been active on the legislative and policy fronts -- quite successfully, it claims.
According to StudentsFirst's Tim Melton, it's been the organizations "most successful year legislatively." He tallies reform coalition victories in all of SF's states but Missouri and Pennsylvania. 


Click  here for a PDF version of the map, and here for an explainer. Take a look and let us know if you see anything that catches your eye. 
There will be a return to electoral politics in 2016, according to Melton. Nevada is a showdown state thanks to recently-passed reforms and tax increases to pay for them. There will be contested races in Michigan (where he's a former state legislator) as well.

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good one

I was in Sacramento a few weeks ago and stopped by to check out StudentsFirst's national headquarters. It's one step above a mail drop, an anonymous office squirreled above a Metro PCS in a downtown neighborhood a few blocks from the Capitol called Alkali Flats, with the name just on the office directory visitors scroll through outside the door. I guess they're not spending their millions in funding on fancy offices! On the other hand, that raises the question of how valid and viable an operation it is.

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