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Maps: How Many States Have "Repealed" Common Core, Again?

image from si.wsj.net
There's some energetic back and forth going on behind the scenes about the accuracy of this WSJ piece and how it codes the states (Financial Woes Plague Common-Core Rollout), but that doesn't mean you can't read it and check out the map of states.


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Minnesota remains the model closest to what we're following in the development of One World School. The Common Core's standards for our main language of instruction, English, are state of the art, particularly when paired with Cambridge English assessment, as is done in the National Center on Education and the Economy's Excellence for All project. On the other hand, states, including California, that have adopted Common Core mathematics should repeal it, since Achieve failed to deliver the standards promised, ones that would help our children compete with the educationally leading jurisdictions in East Asia and northern Europe. Our programme does so, by using the mathematics standards Achieve gathered as part of its research but then ignored while developing the Common Core. Our pupils keep pace with the Chinese in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, while their Chinese-American cousins, including here in Irvine, the highest scoring (in mathematics) district in California, fall years behind their kin because they are stuck with the slow pace of the Common Core.

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