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Charts: What Teachers Get Paid (Compared To Other Professions)

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.58.58 PM
Here's an figure from CAP's new report on improving the teaching profession: "Smart, Skilled, and Striving." Image used with permission. 


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Interesting chart.

But why does CAP use Nurse Practitioner instead of "Nurse"? Nurses are 65k-ish, and work in summer.

There are all kinds of nurses: RNs, BSNs, CNSs, NPs (w/ specialties FNP, ANP, and NO, they are not "on the same level" as Physician Assistants, nor are they above or below them; different fields). They have different amounts of education and autonomy. Nurse Practitioners often work as primary health care providers and have higher salaries than RNs.

Lisette Partelow: No particular reason. We wanted to show a variety of professions with relatively similar levels of education to teachers.

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