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Events: Looking Ahead To #TFA25 (By Looking Back At #TFA20)

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I'm excited to be going to  this year. Check out the website here.

But as with all things (TFA and otherwise) it will likely be a mixed bag. 

Here's what I wrote at #TFA20 (which seems like 100 years ago)

"Imagine a world in which Michelle Rhee is something of a rock star no one’s much over 45 everyone is smart and optimistic and hard working and basically competent (if not particularly wise) and thinks they’re doing a bang-up job. 

"That’s what it was like at this weekend’s TFA20 Summit, a slick celebration and expensive-seeming birthday party for Teach For America."

A Premature (Or Even Unwarranted) Celebration?

Even before I arrived at the big event, I had some unsolicited suggestions: 

"Get off the charter school pipe.  Charter placements shouldn't exceed the percentage of kids being taught at charter schools in any given district."

I know, I know. TFA overkill. I'm violating my own ban. 

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