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Charts: Vast Majority Of City Kids Not Taking SAT or ACT*

"In more than half of the 50 cities surveyed, less than 15 percent of high school students took the SAT or ACT. Less than 10 percent of high school students took advanced math classes in more than half of the cities as well." In US News (Report: Stagnant City Schools Are Failing Minorities).

*NB the data for Minneapolis were apparently off, and have since been corrected: "The Seattle-based education policy group now reports about 12 percent of Minneapolis students in both district and public charter schools took the ACT or SAT in 2011–2012, three times the originally reported rate. CRPE placed the blame on errors in data schools reported to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights."



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The divisor used was all high school students. Typically what is reported when discussing SAT/ACT is the percent of seniors who have taken the test as juniors or seniors. Including freshman and sophomores (and to some extent juniors) who don't take these tests distorts the picture of test taking in high schools.

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