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Update: Contribute To "The Grade" or "This Week..." This Fall?

Screenshot 2015-08-11 14.28.33Education nerd? Journalism geek? Come help with This Week In Education and/or The Grade this fall. 

TWIE is my long-running blog about national education trends, politics, advocacy, and funding. The Grade is my relatively new blog taking a close look at how mainstream news reports on what's going on in schools. 

Past contributors have done all sorts of things including interviewing education leaders, editing the morning news, doing field reports (from events, conferences, schools), writing thoughtful essays, and helping out with the podcast (which may yet return -- just you wait).  Several have gone on to fame and fortune. (Well, fame at least.)

All you need is some time, some interest, and a willingness to be thoughtful and reflective in what you write. Grad students, newly-minted grads, teachers or parents or freelancers with time to burn the midnight oil are all welcome. 

Send your information (including a couple things you've written) and a description of what you'd like to do to [email protected]. Don't send links, however -- put it all in the body of the email and let me scroll. Bylines, experience, and (a small amount of) pay are all available. 


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