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Charts: Who's Running All Those Charter Schools?


I don't know if it's been vetted by NAPCS or NACSA or anyone else yet, but Bruce Baker's maps and charts showing Who’s actually running America’s charter schools are pretty interesting to look at, and give a good sense of how narrow the conversation about charters can get given the distribution of providers/operators out there. 


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thanks for your post :)

As if it matters...

ALL of these businesses pretending to be "educators" have one thing in common: They are lusting for our tax dollars that they can then turn into "revenue" that gets slipped into private bank accounts.

It's disgusting. And I'm thankful that PARENTS like me---I'm not a teacher and neither is anyone in my family---are beginning see this charter scam for what it is and are pushing back against it.

Whether it's the "honest" or "candid" for-profit charter operator or the more common deceptive "non-profit" schemer making $500K at taxpayer expense, it's all the same mendacious, sleazy ripoff.

Which is why ALL so-called "ed reformers" are paid for what they do while those parents fighting against them are doing it for free.

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