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Quotes: Does State Trooper Encinia Remind You Of Anyone?

"Replace Sandra Bland with a twelve-year-old girl. Replace the lit cigarette with chewing gum. Replace the car with a desk. Replace the state trooper with a teacher."

- The Synapse (White Educators: Do You Recognize State Trooper Encinia?)


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The author ends the commentary, "What will you do to rewrite the story?" -- but it would be more valuable if the author actually made clear suggestions.

This is an interesting point too, but in my opinion doesn't fully capture what's going on:

From the article: "Many “no excuses” charter schools are the most extreme examples of schools that reinforce that existing racialized power dynamic by valuing silence, compliance and respectable behavior over respect for the home life and culture of students. “Work hard. Be Nice.” may be a strategy for survival, but it is not a slogan for ending racial injustice.

But I would be dishonest if I pretended that the KIPPs, Uncommons, and Democracy Preps are the only offenders. The vast majority of teachers work in traditional public schools." (end quote from article)

But it's more than just "valuing" silence, compliance and respectable behavior; it's that the "no excuses" charters have firm enforcement of silence, compliance and respectable behavior built into their basic practices, and swift punishment -- and rapid removal from the class and school (this is key) -- for those who violate them. So those policies largely eliminate the need for individual teachers under intense stress to orchestrate their own interactions with students. The interactions are essentially scripted beforehand, and following the script is mandatory.

It's not even clear if the author grasped that; I'd like to see it addressed.

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