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Quotes: Both Sides Have "Lost Their Minds" On Annual Testing

Quotes2On one side, you have a group of reformers who say that getting rid of federal mandates for annual testing would be apocalyptic, and that’s crazy.... On the other side, you have people who think that getting rid of it would lead to utopia. I think both sides have lost their minds on this. -- Author and Emerson Fellow Amanda Ripley in the Washington Post (Some parents across the country are revolting against standardized testing)


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Getting rid of the tests will not lead to utopia; it's a necessary first step on the way to a better, alternative strategy for education reform. Its external examining outline, in my view, should be this: (1) repeal the federal testing mandate; (2) states like California should replace their current annual state testing systems via an Upper Secondary Education Act establishing a university matriculation examination like that in Finland and other northern European states; (3) local districts like that here in Irvine should supplement this examination for university applicants with two others, one at the end of primary school and one concluding middle schools, as is done in Singapore and other east Asian jurisdictions; (4) regional accreditation commissions like the Western Association of Schools and Colleges should promote the matriculation examination being used in their region (as the Kultusministerkonferenz does in Germany) by encouraging all schools, both state and private, to cooperate in designing university entrance exams, implementing them, and publishing their results, to better inform parents as to what they will likely be receiving if they send their children to such schools.

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