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Quotes: Why NCLB Can't Just Give States/Schools The Money

Quotes2The worry is that if you leave it to the states, they will drop the ball, as they did in the past.

-- HGSE professor Martin West (Schools Wait to See What Becomes of No Child Left Behind Law)


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Our worry is that if you keep it with the feds, they will continue to drop the ball, as they are doing now, and have done for 13 years.

Or we could have a view not towards an unsatisfactory past or present, but the future, and not be captives of the past, or of the limited knowledge that fails to see beyond this nation's shores. We could actually observe who is carrying the ball much more effectively than anyone in this country at the present time, and try to learn from them. If we did so, and reflected on the principles that led to the agreements that founded this country, we could gain a renewed interest in federalism, so that some American cities could rival Singapore as educational hubs, and some American states could rival Finland as destinations for educational tourists from all over the world, as America already is in higher education, but is not even close to being in elementary and, still worse, its secondary schools; and as we cannot be as long as an overzealous federal government tries to rule all classrooms from remote control rooms in Washington, D.C.

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