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Morning Video: PBS NewsHour's [Seriously Flawed] Common Core Update

Check out last night's PBS NewsHour segment (Why some students are refusing to take the Common Core test), which in my opinion includes an unfortunate number of errors.  These include exaggerating the number of opt-outs, linking the Newark student sit-in to the Common Core, and minimizing the role of NJEA in opposing the tests (and Newark). That being said, there is some great footage and interviews by correspondent John Merrow.


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While the Newark Students Union's three day occupation was primarily focused on their state-appointed administrator, they also have made the PARCC test one of their targets. See this statement from them: http://newarkrefuses.weebly.com/

Alexander, I just don't see what your opinion is based on. Merrow's piece seemed solid to me.

Remember when LBJ watched the news on Vietnam and said, "If I've lost Walter Conkite, I've lost the country."

Today's reformers have lost Merrow, PBS, NPR, the newsrooms of Washington Post, the New York Times, other great papers, most scholars, most teachers, most families, and students. They have lost.

This may sound hard to believe but all of those items you mentioned above as unrelated to testing have in fact all coalesced around testing BECAUSE they are relative; All pro profit and all anti public initiatives.

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