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Quotes: David Carr's View Of Teachers

Quotes2You will meet this schlumpy lifer who five minutes into the conference makes you just feel like killing yourself, and you think, ‘I leave my child with this kid?’ And the next person you meet will be this incredibly charismatic person who sees every young person before them as this unique piece of clay about to be molded.

- Recently-deceased NYT media critic David Carr in The Answer Sheet (What David Carr told me


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Ok, Ok, Ok. Easy target.
But you know, we all have different personalities.
Some kids will click with certain teachers. Others just won't.
Maybe it's due to different interests, or a different sense of humor.
It's the same for our friendships. We are not everyone's best friend. We are not all things to all people.
We are individuals, doing a good job, seeking friendship if possible.

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