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5 Best Blogs & Tweets [Of Today]: 30 States Scheduled To Use Common Core Assessments This Spring

30 states using Common Core assessments this spring, says @ecscommreport ow.ly/ECmFc

Accomplishments & post-game analysis from @MarshallTuck re CA Supe Race ow.ly/EChbn

Third Way: Creating a Consistent & Rigorous Licensure Process ow.ly/ECjYM @ThirdWayEDU 

Opt out advocates want to use COPPA to oppose testing - National Public Ed Network ow.ly/ECiVc 

Jeb Bush's Delicate Dance with Common Core - Bloomberg Politics ow.ly/ECm3h@MichaelCBender

Do we know who organized & paid for busload of Newark protesters to travel to DC? ow.ly/ECnWy  We don't - yet. 

All this and more at @alexanderrusso



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From the Tuck campaign's analysis, this reveals a clear liberal-conservative split.

• We [Tuck] performed very poorly in the Bay Area. In the counties that make up the Bay Area media market, we lost 65% to 35%. We know our opponent had a 30-year political base in that area and that our campaign (and independent expenditure) were both substantially outspent there. But the fact is, that 30-point deficit was simply too big to make up for in other parts of the state.

• On the county level, Torlakson performed best in San Francisco County, where he won 70.2% of the vote compared to our 29.8%.

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