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Charts: Traditional Teachers Much, Much Whiter Than TFA

image from cdn2.vox-cdn.comAmerican school children are getting more and more diverse, as is TFA's small but growing band of merry teachers. But traditional classroom teaching remains super white. Image via Vox, used with permission.  Click here for the feature article about TFA's evolution.


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It's probably worth noting that TfA does not send teachers to representative schools, and schools with more low-income students tend to have more diverse teaching staffs. So, for example, this morning Michael Pershan and I managed to find teacher demographics for schools with >75% of students on FRPL:


In 2012, in low income schools were 63% white, 16.5% Hispanic, 15.2% black.

The 2014 TfA corps is now *much* more racially diverse than teachers as a whole, but roughly as diverse as teachers in low-income schools.

Many organizations have faced (constructive) criticism. However the good thing about it is that they listen and decide if a change is needed. Nothing is perfect. However, it is not a bad thing to pursue perfection, in my view, with an open mind that it is not probable, however, we can look towards that direction, if you know my meaning.
I personally feel that TFA continue to be committed to getting even better today. Diversity is one of their Core Values. 47% of students come from a low-income background. That is a good percentage and I feel it will rise as time goes on. Also, teachers of TFA are more likely than others to stay in the classrooms. So I say to TFA: Iron out your problems and continue to pursue the goals that you are committed to.


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