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Quotes: Teachers Just "Loving Kids" Isn't Enough

Quotes2“Every single time I get on a plane I’m really glad that the plane is not being flown by someone who just always loved planes." - Teacher quoted in review of Elizabeth Green's new book about preparing teachers better.


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But Airline Pilots for America gives a 5-week crash course!

Retired navy here. Submariner warrior. Retired o-4.

I loved submarines. I was good at it,

Plenty of my buddies loved flying combat aircraft. They were good at it.

I know them: they range from squadron skippers to dept. heads, to XO's.

They now fly left seat for the major airlines.

Ms. Greene: stick to what you know. And tell that teacher to stop using airline pilots in analogies with pilots.

Piloting is not a career choice of last resort.

The military knows it and respectable occupations know it: folks are born to do things. And the cost of fighting that with your schemes is not worth it.

I never met someone of your type on a boat or around my aviation buddies.

Is that a matter of training and opportunity? No. It is a matter of mental inclination. Almost all of them were engineers.

I would like to see Greene write something along the same lines about professions of higher social status.

Teaching has never been much in this country. It never will be.

Anyone can be trained to do anything. So why are not all the edu bloggers aviators?

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