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Quotes: Union's Confounding Positions On Common Core Assessments

Quotes2It's like saying you're for interstellar travel but against warp drive.

- NYCAN's Derrell Bradford via Facebook on NEA Common Core position(s) -- see full quote below.

I find the NEA problematic as a "partner." Like when Van Roekel gave a nod to assessments as a way to evaluate teachers and then said there was no assessment created, ever, that was good enough to do so. It's like saying you're for interstellar travel but against warp drive. How much responsibility for "implementation" does the NEA/AFT bear when they systematically drown the reforms they say they support in doublespeak and then openly work to sabotage them, via "civil disobedience" and "punching folks in the face" who don't agree?


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