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AM News: Teachers Union Wins Another LA School Board Election

Teachers union-backed candidate George McKenna elected to Los Angeles Unified school board LA Daily News: The 35,000-member union threw its weight behind McKenna, who was outspent 3 to 1 by Alex Johnson and his supporters, which included a political action committee affiliated with charter schools.

Outspent by rival, McKenna drew on connections in school board victory LA TImes: In this week's election for a seat on the Los Angeles Board of Education, one side had deep pockets and extensive political connections; the other side had people such as Orley Frost Jr.

McKenna victory gives appearance of a pro-teacher union board LA School Report: Since her upset win, board member Monica Ratliff has been held up as the epitome of the David and Goliath-style triumph over big money reform.

With Tueday's school board loss, charter advocates recalculate KPCC: After Tuesday's defeat of another of their candidates to the Los Angeles school board, charter school advocates are rethinking how to support local candidates.

Ex-Head of Washington Schools Steps Down at Advocacy Group NYT: Rhee said that it was “time for my next step in life” and that she would focus on her family and support her husband, Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento, as “he continues to move forward with his career.” 

Michelle Rhee drops out of school group Politico: As she prepares to step down as CEO, she leaves a trail of disappointment and disillusionment.

State Attorney General wants two teacher tenure lawsuits to become one Chalkbeat NY: The attorney general’s office writes in the filing that the request was made “to avoid the possibility of conflicting findings” and because the two suits “involve the same legal and factual issues and seek the same relief.” The attorney general’s did not provide further comment.

More news below (and throughout the day at @alexanderrusso).

Obama Administration Unveils New Preschool Grant Program PK12: Thirty-five states and the District of Columbia, which have already won federal grants to bolster their early-learning systems—or have robust early-childhood programs in place—could tap into even more money to improve preschool programs, under a new, $250 million "preschool development" grant competition announced by the Obama administration Wednesday.

120 American Charter Schools and One Secretive Turkish Cleric The Atlantic Education: In Western countries such as the United States, Germany, and France, there isn’t any evidence whatsoever that the nearly 120 Gülen charter schools in America include Islamic indoctrination in their curriculum. The schools are so secular that singling out the Gülen schools as particularly nefarious, simply for being run predominantly by Muslims, smacks of xenophobia.

Basic Training for Pre-K Teachers WNYC: Warley is a student in a new, tuition-free course at CUNY that churns out pre-kindergarten teachers in 14 months rather than the usual two years. Some 95 aspiring teachers were selected for the program out of about 1,200 applicants in May. Starting next month, they’ll lead pre-k classrooms while continuing classes at night toward a master’s degree.

Why Los Angeles sends failing students on to the next grade Hechinger: Tetention rates hovered around 2.7 percent from 1995 to 2005. After that, the number of students held back actually began to decline, hitting 1.5 percent in 2009.

Police Catch Alligator at Texas School NBC Neews: Law enforcement authorities corner, capture and haul away a large alligator from Rodger and Ellen Beck Junior High School in Katy, Texas. (NBC News)

LAUSD opens doors to young Central American immigrants LA Times: At the low-slung bungalow west of downtown, a youngster screams from a vaccination and a nurse records the height and weight of an older boy. Academic counselors stand by, because it is here that many children who recently crossed the southern border enroll in the Los Angeles Unified School...


Forget The Bake Sale: Some Of School's Funds Come From Bars And Brothels NPR: Schools across the U.S. are preparing for students' return by looking for ways to supplement budgets. One Nevada school district is turning to unlikely sources of funding: liquor and prostitution.



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Re: the LA Times story on LAUSD enrolling Central American refugees: these children, in general, are not going to be successful immigrants to the United States; too many of them are going to be like the previous unsuccessful immigrants who were deported from California's prisons back to Central America, where they became much more lethally destructive with their gang cultures honed in Los Angeles and where they are now profiting from this illegal international human smuggling. The families need to be reunited -- south of the American border. The United States needs to work with the leadership of the Latin American countries of North America to help establish peace and security in the countries these children are fleeing from, instead of unwittingly abetting the criminals profiting from these crimes.

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