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AM News: Teacher Job Protection Lawsuits Likely To Be Merged In NY

Campbell Brown teacher tenure lawsuit likely to combine with NY group's case Washington Post: Lawyers in New York working with former CNN anchor Campbell Brown on a legal challenge of teacher tenure have agreed to consolidate their case with an earlier complaint filed by a group of public school parents that also seeks to change job protections for teachers.

School Districts Praise Ed. Secretary for Recognizing Over-Reliance on Testing District Dossier: The Large Countywide and Suburban District Consortium, which represents 16 districts across the country, applauded Education Secretary Arne Duncan's recent statement that there is too much focus on standardized testing in the nation's schools.

Arne Duncan to Head South for Annual Back-to-School Bus Tour PK12: This year's trip, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 8, to Wednesday, Sept. 10, will take the secretary and senior department officials to schools in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Head Start grantees flagged for quality concerns state-by-state Washington Post: So far, about 360 of the nation’s 1,700 Head Start grantees have been required to compete for new funds, according to government data.

Comptroller, NYC Mayor Face Off on Pre-K Readiness WNYC: He said the mayor’s office is late to submit contracts with pre-k providers for his approval — he’s reviewed 141 contracts, out of more than 500, or about 28 percent. Without the contracts, he said he can’t check for fraud and corruption and ensure classroom safety.


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The Large Countywide and Suburban District Consortium is showing good sense in its call for rewriting the Elementary and Secondary Education Act by improving accountability via reforming assessment, including exams, in this country: and this is the top policy plank in the Upper Secondary Education Act I am proposing. Modelled on current law in Finland and similar practices in another top performing jurisdiction, Singapore, this would also entail adding annual instruction time to most important subjects while expanding opportunity for all.

In upper secondary school, the focus of accountability should shift to the students, while schools might also be held accountable for pupil performance on a broader variety of subjects, as they are in the English Baccalaureate, the performance measure in use in England, a country where education policies have to prove their political viability, unlike the unpopular appointee's system that is increasingly in retreat in the current American administration.

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