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AM News: New Year, New iPad Plan For LAUSD

Calls grow for wider inquiry into bidding on L.A. Unified iPad project LA Times: A day after Los Angeles Unified abruptly suspended the contract for its controversial iPad project, there were growing calls for a more thorough investigation into whether the bidding process for the $1-billion program was improperly handled.

The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know KPCC: The Los Angeles Unified School District has shut down a half-a-billion-dollar deal with Apple and Pearson to provide classroom technology. Here's what happened.

LIVESTREAM: First LAUSD school board meeting of the year LA School Report

Primary Round-Up: Races Across the Country Showcase Education Issues EdWeek: High-profile governor and state education chief races in Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, and Vermont highlight the common core and education funding as top campaign issues.

Despite Racial Disparity, Alumni Group Backs Test-Only Policy for Elite Schools NYT: Very few black and Hispanic students attend New York City’s eight specialized high schools, which base admissions solely on the results of a standardized test.

Teaching computer science — without touching a computer Hechinger:  It may not look like it, but the children engaged in these exercises are learning computer science. In the first activity, they’ve turned themselves into a sorting network: a strategy computers use to sort random numbers into order. And in the second activity, they’re acting out the process by which computer networks route information to its intended destination.

Youth seek solutions as Chicago’s violent summer persists PBS NewsHour:  Nine-year-old Antonio Smith was fatally shot at least four times in a South Side backyard just blocks away from his home, according to the Chicago Tribune.  This real-time map, created by Chicago-Sun Times before the the summer began, pinpoints and identifies every shooting recorded during each weekend, the most violent period of time.


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KPCC's brilliant reporting on this story (especially the email-revealing initial story I read this weekend) has revealed the rotting of the Common Core, a solid idea that has been corrupted by inside players like Pearson. Both the Common Core and Pearson's curriculum were not ready for mass implementation when sold, then rushed into classrooms by impatient optimists and their plutocratic representatives in the federal department of education and elsewhere throughout the American state schools system. In addition, L.A. Unified defrauded its taxpayers when diverting a half billion dollars intended for school construction into the purchase of expendables like iPads, which will be failing to decompose in landfills for decades before the children of today's children enrol in crumbling schools left decrepit while their parents struggle to pay off bonds sold to banks that also profited on their portfolio investments in companies like Apple, which Superintendent Deasy happened to be a shareholder of when he arranged this anti-competitive deal for a district providing thoroughly uncompetitive education to its victims, who are, in general, poor children who appear, sadly, destined to remain poor.

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