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Hot Vs. Hot: Campbell Brown Vs. Matt Damon

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 1.22.47 PM"Here's somebody whose influence on ed policy is in no way related to their hotness, unlike that bimbo Campbell Brown," quipped NY Mag journo Jonathan Chait, linking to Matt Damon's appearances at various anti-reform events a few years back.  

ICYMI, Ravitch questioned Brown's credibility on education issues about which the two people happen to disagree and in the process made several comments about Brown's looks.  

Damon has appeared at various anti-reform events in recent years, based in large part on his good looks and celebrity (and views on education with which Ravitch happens to agree).


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There are whole slews of celebrities not otherwise known for their expertise in K-12 pedagogy who run, or at least have their names on, charter schools, and more who pop up at "reform" events (I forget which category John Legend is in, for example -- Oprah has lent her stardom to "reform" stuff, hasn't she?). Andre Agassiz ... Trombone Shorty ... Time for a listicle!

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