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Quotes: No Obama Administration Over-Reach.... On Standards, At Least

Quotes2You can argue that some of the OTHER things the Obama administration has done constitute something of an over-reach, but not on standards. -- Achieve's Mike Cohen speaking at #EWA154 (at roughly the 8:33 mark)


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This is a very helpful video, and puts especially Achieve and the state of Kentucky (highlighted in a very useful piece by Joy Resmovits in the Huffington Post) at the center of the development of the Common Core back during the second term of the George W. Bush administration. But the Obama administration's NCLB waiver strategy, in particular its insistence that teachers be judged on the basis of pupil scores on suddenly more difficult tests that no one had seen and that there was very little in the way of curricular materials to help pupils prepare for, was an unforced error that has led to an enormous backlash against a previously popular education reform movement, one now dividing still further these ever more dis-United States.

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