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Update: What If The Common Core Required The Metric System?


Want to imagine the s--- really hitting the fan? Think about what'd happen if the Common Core state standards and assessments required use of the metric system, which has been adopted worldwide. Olds among you will remember that the US tried to do this in 1975 but the effort was voluntary (really voluntary, no strings attached).  Want to relive the mess that effort was, if only to realize that the current mess isn't quite as bad? Vox has it all -- and thinks it's time to go for it again: It's time for the US to use the metric system.

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I'm very happy that people are starting to pay attention to this issue. In fact, I'm in pre-production on an independent documentary on this subject called "More Than a Mile Behind: America and the Metric System. It's blog is here: http://milebehind.wordpress.com/.

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