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Five Best Tweets: Charter Financial Ratings & EdTech Investments Decline

Standard & Poor’s rates outlook for charter school sector as ‘negative’ - @valeriestrauss @napcs Post http://ht.ly/yurpi 

Investments Decline As Education Technology Grows Up | TechCrunch http://ht.ly/yuaDq 

Did Pando fire @davidsirota over investor complaints? Poynter. http://ht.ly/yuoHR 

Reuters: California Just Made It Easier To Fire Bad Teachers http://ht.ly/yumRx 

Tying Federal Aid to College Ratings - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/yumxL 

Here's How Not to Teach First-Grade Math - @bechang8 Pacific Standard http://ht.ly/yulYz 

You say you want your kids to be good people, but they know you care more about grades http://ht.ly/yrm5K  @jesslahey

Rick Hess considers the mixed #CommonCore signals coming from state chiefs, foundations, and the USDE? http://ht.ly/ytYX8  @rhess99


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