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Five Best Blogs: Of World Cup Countries, Ghana Spends Most On Education

"Brazilians await the Cup's arrival the way HS students might await a test they haven't studied for." ht.ly/xWxe1 #WorldCupED

Ghana wins #worldcupEd, spending 8.1 percent of GDP on education ht.ly/xWzkU via WSJ

NYT Editorial page declares #Vergara decision the start of a "New Battle for Equal Education" ht.ly/xVBh6

Is Teacher Tenure Really The New Brown V. Board Of Ed? ht.ly/xWpNQ @TeacherBeat's @Stephen_Sawchuk on NPR

John Bailey is now VP of Policy at Foundation for Excellence in Education, says LinkedIn

"The often stated notion that more than half of black males drop out, or do not graduate, is not true," says Toldson ht.ly/xWcal

Without Jobs, School Is a Waste of Time - Young Education Professionals ht.ly/xWbws

School food lobby flip-flops on healthy school lunches | Al Jazeera America @MicheleRSimon ht.ly/xW76t@PoliticsK12

Stop complaining about Common Core, parents! - The Washington Post via RCE ht.ly/xMIC0



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