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Five Best Blogs: Commentary & Prognostication From Monday June 16

That "74 school shootings since New Town" story last week was wrong by a lot, says BI ht.ly/y5Pyf Was it Vox, WP, or NYT?

Connecticut could be next in teacher tenure wars - NewsTimes ht.ly/y5X6N

Weaker Teachers Leaving Schools Under N.Y.C.'s Tenure Changes - @TeacherBeat ht.ly/y5Wqh

Is @johnmerrow hypocritical to condemn high stakes testing but support #vergara? Cody wants to knowht.ly/y5X9e

A French Teen Leaked Sections Of The Country's SAT To Twitter - Business Insider ht.ly/y5PbU @rjwile

How many bad teachers are there? | Hechinger Reportht.ly/y6E2w

How the U.S. Stacks Up: FIFA versus PISA gadf.ly/1q4ZltB #worldcupED via @educationgadfly:

Common Core worth fighting for - Chicago Sun-Timesht.ly/y5j6B

ICYMI: States That Already Spent Less on Education Have Made Bigger School Cuts | FiveThirtyEightht.ly/y6qZb

In defense of laptops in the classroom. ht.ly/y5P6k Slate via @Wonkbook



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