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Media: Goldstein Taking Her Talents To The Marshall Project

Dana-goldstein-highresWriter Dana Goldstein has landed at The Marshall Project, a newish endeavor with lots of strong names behind it, where she'll write about criminal justice and school-to-prison.

She was a Spencer Fellow at Columbia University, and has written for Slate, The Nation, The Atlantic, and lots of other folks.  Her book, The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession, is coming out in September.  

I haven't always agreed with Goldstein's take on issues, but I've always admired her reporting and writing.  [Her 2011 line, "Welcome to the beat, Brill!" sticks in my mind as a particularly delightful moment.] And she's always had other interests and topics -- and there'll be a big book tour etc. this summer -- so maybe the dropoff won't be as bad or immediate as it seems.

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