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AM News: First, Kill All The Teacher Prep Programs?



How Teacher Prep Programs Are Failing New Teachers -- And Your Kids HuffPost:  Three out of four programs "fail to insist that applicants meet even modest standards," the group wrote, meaning at least a 3.0 grade point average, or scoring above the 50th percentile on the ACT or SAT. 


Report says too many teachers-to-be are poor students Marketplace: Walsh says mediocre students use education as a fall-back major. She wants schools to raise the bar and make teaching a more elite profession. But Peter Cookson with the American Institutes for Research says another important way to do that would be to raise teachers' pay.


Alternative Certification Deemed Weak by NCTQ in New Teacher-Prep Report TeacherBeat: The Washington-based group contends that alternative certification suffers from low standards and poor training, just like its traditional, university-based brethren.


Two Md. teacher prep programs ranked among best in nation Baltimore Sun: McDaniel and Hopkins get high marks for elementary teacher programs from National Council on Teacher Quality.


American schools need better teachers, so let’s make it harder to become one Slate: In a handful of statehouses and universities across the country, a few farsighted Americans are finally pursuing what the world’s smartest countries have found to be the most efficient education reform ever tried. 

Morew news below (and throughout the day at @alexanderrusso).

Unions, reform groups gird for California-inspired lawsuit Capital NY: “We certainly expect that these folks will file a lawsuit,” said United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew, referring to education reform leaders with whom he is in constant conflict. “They will use it for the media.”

The Debate Over Tenure for Teachers WAMU: A judge last week struck down teacher tenure laws in California in a case likely to reverberate around the country. Kojo explores the notion that tenure protects educators at the expense of students.

The Obama Administration Picks a Fight With Teachers Unions Businessweek: Arne Duncan, President Barack Obama's education secretary, was scorned last week by teachers union leaders and their supporters for applauding a California judge's tentative ruling that the state's teacher tenure laws are unconstitutional. 

Could California's teacher-tenure lawsuit come to Minnesota? MinnPost: Minnesota lacks many of the highly protective features of California’s teacher-tenure laws. But it is one of a handful of states that mandate teacher layoffs be conducted strictly according to seniority. 

Jeb Bush Charts Tricky Course With Embrace of Common Core  WSJ: Most potential Republican presidential contenders are renouncing the national educational standards known as Common Core. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has championed measuring academic achievement for two decades, is doubling down. 

If Affirmative Action Is Doomed, What’s Next? NYT: Two new books offer ideas on how to achieve diversity in higher education without using race-based systems.

Blocking the School-to-Prison Pipeline WNYC: New York City has the largest school district in the country and a reputation for doling out harsh penalties. As another school year wraps up, pressure is on Mayor Bill de Blasio to announce discipline policy reforms.

Panel of union critics say de Blasio lost big on the UFT contract Chalkbeat: Under the deal, teachers will see their salaries increase by 19.5 percent over the next four years. The raises include two 4 percent bumps that other city workers received in 2009 and 2010, as well as pay that UFT members would have accumulated had those raises been in place during those years.

 The ‘Arms Race’ to Hyperspecialize in Youth Sports ProPublica: Ironically, there’s growing evidence that specialization isn’t even the best way to become outstanding at a sport, Epstein tells ProPublica’s editor-in-chief Steve Engelberg. 


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