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Weekend Reading: 12,000 Teachers Recently Hired, Says US Jobs Report

My weekend roundup is much shorter than usual this Monday -- and my Klout score went up as a result (tells you all about Klout):

Jobs report says we added [hired] 12,000 teachers this month - Vox http://ht.ly/wtldL  Plus 1300 state ed jobs

Putting Elizabeth Warren in the White House won't save liberalism - Vox http://ht.ly/wtla2  "an airy, immature, dream-like approach"

Hundreds of School Districts Have Been Ignoring Desegregation Orders http://ht.ly/wtpcP 

On the Brink in Brownsville - http://NYTimes.com  http://ht.ly/wtqyL  Life in one of America's poorest neighborhoods

Liberal Outside Money Groups Match Conversatives in NC - ProPublica http://ht.ly/wtq5q 

From Jay Mathews: Giving aid and comfort to great teachers: The Common Core standards give big ideas more polit...

Private and public school kids share life stories -- NYT Inequality Issue http://ht.ly/wtqDt 

Mixed Report for Race to the Top Education Grants - Wall Street Journal - http://WSJ.com  http://ht.ly/wtj24 

Anything else you came across over the weekend that should be included?  Let us know in comments or via Twitter (@alexanderrusso).


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