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Update: Pushback Against Excessive Student Data Restrictions In GA

Giulia Forsythe FlickrThere's no shortage of concern and controversy surrouding student data privacy these days, resulting in scads of hearings and legislative proposals.

Check out Anya Kamentez's helpful explainer (in which she also describes having helped unearth private student data in a high-profile student privacy situation when she was a college student).

No doubt, at least some of these concerns are warrented.But in other cases, the proposals may go overboard.   

In Georgia, educators and others got together to prevent a proposed piece of legislation from going forward. You can read about it on the AJC blog: "Parents, college presidents, technology giants, superintendents, chambers of commerce and teachers joined forces to call out the insanity of dumping national standards, forbidding tests that reflected national standards and imposing technology limits so extreme that they'd shut down online learning." The state PTA education chair was among them. In response, the Governor reversed himself on the proposal and it was halted.

For more background, check out some local public radio segments here, here, here, and critical commentary here. Share more about what you know or think in comments or on Twitter. Image via Flickr: Giulia Forsythe.


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