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Media: Critical Roundup Of MSNBC's "Mixed" Reporting On Education

Conspirator-FlickrHere's an interesting roundup of coverage and perspectives from various MSNBC shows that you might find interesting even if you don't agree with any or all of the interpretations and perspectives (OpEdNews).

Basically, the writer is taking MSNBC producers and hosts to task for not covering education thoroughly enough -- and critically, too.  It's quite comprehensive (and super paranoid in some elements). Parent company Comcast is a member of ALEC and plans to profit off of Common Core. 

The underlying question surrounding the lack of coverage is valid, even if the specifics are not.  I'd love to see a more straightforward and dispassionate analysis like this one.  

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Hi thanks for sharing this link, but could you specify what in the article was unsupported or paranoid in your reading of it?

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