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Reform: Andy Smarick Is The New Mike Petrilli?

In case you missed it, image from www.edexcellence.netFordham's Pamela Tatz published a BuzzFeed "Which Reformer Are You?" quiz the other day. The tagline:  "Saving the education system, one irrelevant question at a time."

These quizzes are wildly popular on Facebook, etc. -- and self-effacing humor (something reformers don't always convey) goes a long way.  Figures that Fordham would get in on it -- they're smart (and love attention).

If you haven't taken it already you should give it a try. (Doesn't really mean you're a reformer if you do.) Nearly 700 folks have already done so and shared the results on Twitter or Facebook.  But be forewarned: you'll probably end up being Andy Smarick.  The other options were Rick Hess, Michelle Rhee, David Coleman, Arne Duncan, or Diane Ravitch (which took some unusual answering). "A lot of folks did seem to get Andy Smarick," said Tatz via email.

Here's the Fordham page about the quiz. And click below to see the snarky writeups for each of the profiles (Smarick, Hess, Rhee, Coleman, Duncan, and Ravitch), which sound like they were written by .... Petrilli.

You got Andy Smarick!

You are known for possessing an extensive vocabulary, live tweeting your Amtrak trips, and your all-around nerdiness. While no one is quite sure who you work for (“Doesn’t he blog for Fordham?” “I thought he worked at Bellwether?” “Wasn’t he in New Jersey?”), you are one of the most genuine people around and you keep the best of company. Go you!

 You got Rick Hess!

Who’s equal parts snarky, charismatic, and infuriating? You are, baby! Some may turn up their noses at your “cage-busting” fashion choices, but you know what they say: you can take the man of the shorts—but then he’s naked. So keep those shorts on, Rick.

 You got Michelle Rhee!

You are the dictionary definition of a lightning rod. Love you or hate you, people certainly know who you are. Undeterred by threats (and only slightly hindered by broom shortages), you make your stance known—and back it up with action. Your motto: Haters gonna hate!

You got David Coleman!

You are an achiever! Smart, ambitious, and popular, your career ascent has been nothing short of stunning. You laugh at conspiracy theories—because you always know the real story (we’ll get the truth about Area 51 out of you yet). But seriously, Coleman, you’ve got to watch those F-bombs.

You got Arne Duncan!

Once hailed as a moderate reformer and the life of the party, you’ve had a tough few years, thanks to those WSMs. You’ve been taking increasingly desperate actions aimed at regaining your lost popularity, but it seems to be having the opposite effect. “Hey guys, I made MVP of the B-list celebrity basketball team!” “Hey guys, I’m incentivizing the adoption of these super cool standards you built!” “Hey guys, I’m shaving my head to be more like Mike Petrilli!” No matter what you do, the popular kids mock you—and your peers slowly back away.

You got Diane Ravitch!

Hey—you’re not an ed reformer! You are many things to many people—a hero to public education’s apologists, a former trustee at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and a scourge to ed reformers everywhere. But at the heart, you are simply an enthusiast of cats, high-waisted pants, and stream-of-consciousness blogging. And you sure as heck know how to sell books.


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