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Update: Not Quitting Blogging, Not Doing TFA

Thanks for all the responses to my early April Fool's joke, which seemed to have been enjoyed widely.

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Longtime readers will recognize that fake news is nothing new from me (usually tagged "Made-Up News" and presented tongue in cheek). In 2006, I claimed to have found a copy of the reorganization plan being developed for the Chicago Board of Education. In 2o1o, I had Stephen Colbert starting a for-profit chain of K-12 schools to go along with his just-announced Stephen Colbert University. I also announced the creation of a spinoff version of A&E's cable reality show, Intervention, called "Classroom Intervention." In 2011, I made up/predicted the left/right joining of forces against"Obamaschool" (including a joint appearance between Diane Ravitch and Sarah Palin that has yet to happen). I've also had Duncan contracting swine flu, and Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre as a homeschooled TFA alum.

As always, the motivation is to amuse and provoke insight and skepticism, not to embarrass anyone.  Image via Flickr.


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