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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Because sometimes the best stuff comes in over the weekend:

How the Poor Won the New York Tax War -- New York Mag http://ht.ly/uStxQ Hint: $4M a year from @NYSUT @UFT

4 Millions Of Kid in 36 States To Test New Education Assessments http://ht.ly/uSs67  @khefling

Arne Duncan: all-powerful, un-stoppbable -- @learningmatters profiles EdSec http://ht.ly/uSzBd 

Parent trigger school gets high marks on parent survey [commissioned by @parentrev ] - San Bernardino Sun http://ht.ly/uSLvi 

Education in California: Dance of the lemons | The Economist http://ht.ly/uSsYq  #vergara @TeacherBeat

Conference of Mayors Urges E-Rate Reform -- THE Journal http://ht.ly/uSuU6 

How a radical caucus took over Chicago's teacher's union, by Jacobin's @micauetricht http://ht.ly/uSukO  @CTULocal1

What’s the ‘Sweet Spot’ of Difficulty For Learning? | MindShift http://ht.ly/uSvFN 

Which Side Is Your [Teachers'] Pension On? | Jacobin http://ht.ly/uSyTy  @arotherham @MichaelPetrilli

Obama's view of black culture isn't all that different from Paul Ryan's, says @tanehisi http://ht.ly/uSA0M 

The limits of data [journalism] via New Republic http://ht.ly/uSzy0 

Oh, no! Matt Damon caught using inaccurate (outdated) child health stats on TV PolitiFact http://ht.ly/uSxAk 

From Jay Mathews: Why most people, including me, like homework http://wapo.st/1jrUbne 




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