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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

The ‘Kansas Revolution’ And School Funding Equity | @onpointradio Tom Ashbrook http://ht.ly/uDGBZ  [277 comments so far]

How to Teach the Standards Without Becoming Standardized | MindShift http://ht.ly/uDGx1  @mindshiftKQED

The SAT Prep Industry Isn't Going Anywhere - James S. Murphy - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/uDGg4 

Project-based learning is to traditional learning as driving a car is to watching someone drive, writes @et3isme http://ht.ly/uDJDl 

The Revolution Is Not Being MOOC-ized - Slate http://ht.ly/uDIGO  Students are educated, employed, and male.

Is One Laptop Per Child [OLPC] Dead? Sorta -- but not entirely - THE Journal http://ht.ly/uDHOC 

Why'd @foreffectivegov leave USDE out of its FOIA report card report - how would compare to 15 other agencies? http://ht.ly/uDLoI 

Outside nonprofit issues FOIA Report Card Letter Grades for 15 Agencies [But Not @USDE @ArneDuncan ] - On The Media http://ht.ly/uDL1G 

"Trigger Warnings" Have Spread from Blogs to College Classes. That's Bad | New Republic http://ht.ly/uDMS6  [see also @onthemedia]

It's A Shame the New SAT Will Do Away with 'SAT Words' writes @juliafisher in | The New Republic http://ht.ly/uDMsl  @smarick!!

@SXSWEDU "brings in interesting thinkers but doesn’t let them debate the big ideas," says Nation's @RaRapoport http://ht.ly/uDKm8 

Huffington Post blogger’s case for banning hand-held devices for children: missing scientific proof. http://ht.ly/uDK2M 

KAPPAN CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS, 2014-15 http://ht.ly/uDK1z 


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