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Update 2: Details About CA, NE, WI Testing Opt-Out Provisions

Flickr roeyahramHere's some additional information, via ECS, detailing state opt out provision language for one state we already discussed -- California -- plus two others not previously mentioned -- Nebraska, and Wisconsin:

California: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a parent's or guardian's written request to school officials to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of the assessments administered pursuant to this chapter shall be granted. (West's Ann.Cal.Educ.Code § 60615)  

Also, Cal. Admin. Code tit. 5, § 852

(a) Each year the LEA shall notify parents or guardians of their pupil's participation in the CAASPP assessment system in accordance with Education Code section 60604.

(b) The notification to parents or guardians, as defined in subdivision (a), shall include a notice of the provisions outlined in Education Code section 60615.

(c) A parent or guardian may annually submit to the school a written request to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of any test provided pursuant to Education Code section 60640 for the school year. If a parent or guardian submits an exemption request after testing has begun, any test(s) completed before the request is submitted will be scored and the results reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil's records. An LEA and its employees may discuss the CAASPP assessment system with parents and may inform parents of the availability of exemptions under Education Code section 60615. The LEA and its employees shall not solicit or encourage any written exemption request on behalf of any child or group of children. 

Nebraska: On or before July 1, 1995, each public school district in the state shall develop and adopt a policy stating how the district will seek to involve parents in the schools and what parents' rights shall be relating to access to the schools, testing information, and curriculum matters. (Neb.Rev.St. § 79-531)  local policies must include Under what circumstances parents may ask that their children be excused from testing, classroom instruction, and other school experiences the parents may find objectionable (Neb.Rev.St. § 79-532)

Wisconsin: Upon the request of a pupil's parent or guardian, a school board, charter school, or governing body of a private school participating in school vouchers program shall excuse the pupil from taking an examination administered under sub. (1m). (W.S.A. 118.30)

Thanks again to ECS, NCSL, Fairtest, and United Opt Out. Image via Flickr. See previous post here.


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