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Events: So Long -- I'm Quitting Blogging & Joining TFA

image from 30daystox.comIt is with *extremely* mixed emotions that I'm announcing that, as of midnight tonight I'm shutting down this site, the related Facebook and Twitter pages, and also my Chicago blog and Tumblr. [Some auto-scheduled tweets from over the weekend may appear in your feed or on your Facebook page, but I officially sent my last tweet last night.]

Wow, that's hard to write. But I'm done.  You don't need me doing this every day.  I don't need to be doing this every day. It's been a long, amazing ride. I'm really proud of what I've done, and incredibly grateful to have been allowed to do it. Thanks to everyone who's helped make it happen.

What am I going to do instead of blogging?  Good question. You see, on a lark this past fall I applied to Teach For America. I told myself it was just for the book I was writing. Nobody was more surprised than I was when I actually made it through and got picked. I had to think long and hard whether or not to quit blogging and accept the spot.  But finally I said yes and so I'm going to Houston this summer and starting teaching -- here in Brooklyn, I hope -- in the fall.   Wish me luck - I'm going to need it!


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April Fool's?

I hope Chad's right, and that this is an April Fool's joke. If not, this is probably my last comment on a site that has become a regular part of my now irregular life. I hope that yours does not become similarly irregular in the coming years, although I'm in no position to judge your current status. But teaching has become -- instead of more respected -- an unstable, disrupted profession, and Teach For America has played a huge role in bringing about that reality. TFA has shifted from a being force for good (a role it may still occupy in the Third World via Teach For All) into a tragically ironic organization -- I coined the term "anagnoritic", from the Greek "anagnorisis", meaning "reversal" in Aristotle's Poetics -- that ensures that the social goal it is pursuing will never become reality as long as it remains active in education.

Re teaching in houston. I think this highly relevant. My recent article is just out, titled, "The Power of Engaged Reading", about the powerful correlation between engaged reading (especially fiction)and university attendance and life success in the current issue of the quarterly journal of the Canadian Education Association, EDUCATION CANADA, Spring, 2014 .

Also pleased they used my photo of Hannah my granddaughter while reading in Cuba.

Here is the link to the article if interested.

Do you have to quit blogging? I've enjoyed reading both your blogs posts and your book, but I've sometimes thought that your opinions suffered from a lack of insight into what it's like to actually teach. Many TFA teachers do blog about the experience. If you don't blog about your experience, at least consider writing a book.

Wow, Alexander! What an impressive move! You have contributed so much to the the field with your wise wry observations and comments. Cheers to you, man!

NY CMs don't train in Houston

I'm assuming this is an April Fool's joke. In case it isn't (or even if it is), I'll add that I'm hooked on this site because Alexander is an excellent aggregator; and I have a tendency to follow people I disagree with more than people I agree with -- in many ways, I learn more from the people I disagree with.

Once again proving that no one looks at the categories for posts on this sites.

Guys, note that one of the tags is "Made-up News."


You might get a spot in my Brooklyn Bridge Academy, which just by coincidence I have up for sale.

Wow. Congratulations, though I will miss the blog. I am sure you will find it fascinating, challenging, frustrating and extremely rewarding. Good luck!

You had me. You really had me. Every year I fall for this stuff.

It's still here at 1:06 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on APRIL FOOL'S DAY! I am happy to have been fooled (or at least to have had serious doubts raised).

From @TFA_2014:

"No, @alexanderrusso wasn't accepted to @TeachForAmerica. Because: srsly."

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