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Weekend Reading: Best Education Articles You Probably Missed

Not really excited by any of the day's education news?  Take a peek at stories and features that came in over the weekend, when I can't seem to stop looking for good items to share with you:

Scott Walker Joins the Common Core Wars | Mother Jones http://ht.ly/tbyhK  @timothypmurphy #CCSS

Why Some Teachers May Question ‘New’ Education Trends | MindShift http://ht.ly/tbfqp  @mindshiftKQED

Coming soon: The Nation review of Ravitch book by Joseph Featherstone http://ht.ly/tbxFh 

Friday's Story Corps was about a bullied kid who killed himself and his dad's efforts to raise awareness since then http://ht.ly/tbvQp 

Rich people, social policy, and very bad ideas - @mattyglesias http://ht.ly/tbEHS 

The influence of union membership on political participation and social capital - Harvard Shorenstein Center http://ht.ly/tbyLO 

BASIS charter network is opening up a school in Brooklyn -- as a for-profit private school [like Avenues] http://ht.ly/tbuR6 

Pete Seeger got blacklisted for his beliefs http://ht.ly/tbyAE  Has anyone in education - Ravitch at Columbia, for example?

Confessions of a TSA Agent - Politico http://ht.ly/tbxrN  If only a school security guard would do the same, right?

Why League Tables [School Rankings] Are Good For Students - Forbes @nsdmorrison http://ht.ly/tbcZB 

Someone redo Buzzefeed's viral "What Type Of Parent Are You" post http://ht.ly/tbuWH  for teachers, please?

Dreaming Big in South Carolina: A Public Boarding School for the Arts -@jamesfallows - The Atlantic http://ht.ly/taMx9 

There was also some fun back and forth on Friday about which SuperBowl district was more reformy than the other -- Denver with all its unified enrollment programs or Seattle with its new charters.  Check all that out via #schoolperbowl14 (perhaps the worst hashtag ever).


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