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Weekend Reading: 10 Best Articles You Woulda Seen If The Weather Wasn't So Nice

Countdown10 - Flipped classrooms: A disruptive revolution in pedagogy, or yet another educational fad? SLATE @pankisseskafka http://ht.ly/tTknT 

9 - Does Stymied Educational Attainment Lead to Depression? - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society http://ht.ly/tTjXj  #LSY

8 - NEA Today: "Teachers, Parents Speak Out Against Vergara Lawsuit" http://feedly.com/e/Gp4ihZXY 

7 - Liberals Are Just as Morally Righteous as Conservatives | Mother Jones http://ht.ly/tTjML  #notsurprised

6-  Why Carl Sagan is Truly Irreplaceable | Smithsonian http://ht.ly/tUB82  @JoelAchenbach [Take that, Neil Degrasse Tyson!?]

5 - From Jay Mathews: Will Dartmouth figure out big applicant drop?: Applications to the Ivy League school have pl... http://wapo.st/1hnlL3U 

4 - Edtech you can relate to: electronic (& presumably mobile) flash cards for the bus ride via @EdSurge News http://ht.ly/tUefY  @cardwiki

3 - "Common Core Supporter Engages Imaginary Criticisms; Next Step: Real Opponents" http://feedly.com/e/b3T7vsjb 

2 - Researchers on Opportunity Gap, Student Inputs, Outputs @bloombergradio http://ht.ly/tTjCi 

1 - New Study: SAT Scores Have No Bearing On College Success | @mindshiftKQED http://ht.ly/tTjIw  Calling @mrpabruno @nacac [NB this is the one that Bruno and I have some questions about]


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