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Media: Politico Takes More Hits, Promotes Education Editor

Media bias bias colin dunn flickrIt was a strange 24 hours for Politico's education team:

First, the Washington Post's media critic Erik Wemple joined me in slamming the outlet for appearing to crib content from PoliticsK-12 when sending out it's email alerts.

Wemple (aka "Pobresito") has been extremely critical of Politico's journalistic practices over all, though in this case he managed to delay crediting me for having been first to reveal Politico's apparent malfeasance until near the end of his post (a Politico-like move for which he was soundly upbraided).

Then, near the end of the day, Politico announced that education editor Nirvi Shah -- a former EdWeeker -- was being bumped up to managing the site's near dozen policy verticals (Nirvi Shah Named Deputy Managing Editor for Policy). 

In its typically understated manner, the Politico announcement described Shah as "homegrown" (she's been there less than a year) and claimed that the Politico education page has already become the "go-to news resource for education professionals."


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